Underground Austria: A Visit to the Sewers of Vienna

Underground Vienna: CIty Sewers

Underground Austria: A Visit to the Sewers of Vienna Austria-bound travelers may be forgiven for thinking that Salzburg and The Sound of Music are the be-all and end-all in ‘Osterreich’ cinema tourism. Frolicking in the lively hills of the Austrian Alps isn’t quite it, though. On the contrary, the ancient capital Vienna has its own [...] Read more »

What you need to know about Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Art Deco Cetral Market KL Malaysia

In preparation for our upcoming small group tour to Malaysia and Singapore, I wanted give you basic information that would help you get a better understanding about Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Although, a hub of southeast Asia, foreigners know very little about the city. Here’s what the traveler needs to know about Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:   [...] Read more »

11 Things to Do in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Mountain-biking at Ala-Archa National Park.

Catch Cultural Performances on the Cheap Whether looking for tickets to the Bishkek Philharmonic, State Puppet Theater, Russian Drama Theater, Opera and Ballet, or any of the other numerous theaters in town; tickets range from free to just a couple of dollars. Schedules can be a bit hard to find, but check around at the [...] Read more »

Why George Town (Penang) is Probably the Best UNESCO City

george town

An Islamic neighborhood in George Town (Penang) was holding a garage sale a few months back. After a half-hour spent rummaging through broken watches and old leather belts, I left with just one item: a postcard, from the 1960s or ‘70s, of the very hotel we’d checked into the previous day, the Oriental. What’s shocking [...] Read more »

Photo of the Week: Mango Sellers in Junagadh


Tell an Indian the name Junagadh and they might think of kesar mangoes. The city is famous for producing some of the most delicious mangoes in India. Come at the right season and you can enjoy mango shakes and fresh mangos at a great price. Mention Junagadh to a foreigner and they might tell you…they [...] Read more »

Finding the Bang in Bangkok: A Night in Patpong

Soi Cowboy

Editor’s Note: The follow story about Patpong contains language and sexual content that some readers might find offensive. Although we typically don’t publish these types of stories at GoMad Nomad, I thought it was important to show the “other” side of travel and a peek into the realm of sex tourism. If you don’t want [...] Read more »

Two Days in Busan South Korea


To only see Seoul on a Korean vacation is an absurd task. Like an all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue, you simply can’t experience all the city has to offer in the unfortunately short time you have. (And, also like the barbecue, you leave feeling bloated and confused, wondering where all your money went.) Enter Busan. Busan is [...] Read more »

What it’s like in: Tokyo, Japan

tokyo japan

    Tokyo and its greater metropolitan area form the largest urban conurbation on earth. That’s more than 30 million souls crammed into one of the few flat areas in Japan. Unsurprisingly, space here is at a premium and town planning was given up a long time ago. Function and fit, by necessity, have taken [...] Read more »

Photo of the Week: Napoli Pizzeria

outside di matteo pizza

Why Napoli (Naples) is the Real Deal While other cities have transformed their historic downtowns into either a touristified Disney Land or one long stretch of expensive designer brand shopping, Napoli, or Naples, Italy has done neither. True there are a few kitschy souvenir shops, but for the most part it’s as authentic a city [...] Read more »

Photo of the Week: View over Florence Italy

View over Florence in the evening

Anyone with a desire to comprehend the Renaissance, has to make Florence, Italy a part of their Italy trip itinerary. No other place in Europe packs in so much Renaissance art, sculpture, and history as Florence, not to mention its being the epicenter of the movement that spawned Europe’s rebirth in culture. If you want [...] Read more »

12 things to do in Krakow Poland

Kazimierz Krakow Poland

Krakow is Poland’s top tourist destination. While there are other destinations to put on your Poland tour which are also beautiful and less touristy (namely Wroclaw), you shouldn’t miss Krakow. It was the only major city in Poland to survive World War II undamaged. Our Poland trip also included a stop in the capital, Warsaw [...] Read more »

Your Guide to Riga Latvia


Riga Latvia is very much different from its neighbors: Estonia and Lithuania. Don’t be misguided by people who say they are too similar. Tallinn’s old city is very much a medieval one, while Riga impresses with its Art Nouveau architecture and UNESCO World Heritage Historic Center. Riga is bit more cosmopolitan and well-connected by its [...] Read more »

Photo of the Week: Riga Central Market

berries mushrooms Latvia

Riga Central Market is one stop you’ll want to make on your walk around the city. First, a little about the setting. The market is located in and around the five main pavilions which were constructed by reusing old German Zeppelin hangars. It was finished in 1930 incorporating Neoclassicism and Art Deco styles and remains [...] Read more »

Your Guide to Tallinn Estonia

A street in old town Tallinn Estonia

Tallinn Estonia is a city known for its well-preserved medieval old town. It’s just a 3-hour ferry ride from Helsinki, a popular stop for cruise ships, and not too far from St. Petersburg, Russia. Its port location has added to its significance over the years, but has also led to a number of foreign powers [...] Read more »

Bargain New York

Brooklyn Bridge

Keeping it Cheap in New York New York City can be a shockingly expensive place for those of us who travel in from different economies. Even coming from neighboring Pennsylvania it’s a big step up. I paid $16 for pastrami sandwich at the legendary Katz’s Deli. Granted, it was tasty, quite large, and paired with [...] Read more »

12 Facts You Didn’t Know about Spokane, Washington

By Stephen Bugno Spokane, Washington is the forgotten city of the Pacific Northwest. As I discovered last summer in Albany, New York, sometimes it’s the unsung hero towns that give you the best memories. Spokane is an excellent gateway to the northwest Rockies, Glacier National Park, the Colombia Valley Wine Region, and even the Canadian [...] Read more »

Photo of the Week: Dali Old Town

Dali is one of those places that I really hoped I wouldn’t dislike. Its description in the guidebooks made it sound so pleasant a town—except for one thing—the growing number Chinese tourists. Well, there were tons of tourists, but Chinese tourists seem to stick together in group tours and don’t drift very far from the [...] Read more »

What it’s like in: Luang Prabrang, Laos

temple luang prabang

I started a series last year to try to describe to readers what it’s actually like in selected cities worldwide. Too often travel writers highlight points of touristic interest or glamorize a destination only to elevate it beyond its reality. That is their job: to sell destinations. I wanted to go beyond that and tell [...] Read more »