5 Reasons to Visit Brisbane Australia

reasons to visit brisbane australia

Art Brisbane is a city with art built into its fabric. Statues stand on the ground and some art even floats in the sky . Or sometimes it’s hanging from the ceiling of a building, or covering a high-rise like a jacket. The Art Built-in policy came into effect in July 1999, meaning 2%  funding [...] Read more »

Photo of the Week: Winter in Luxembourg City

luxembourg in winter

Winter in Luxembourg City Luxembourg City is one of of Europe’s most beautiful cities. Much of that is due to its position high on an embankment over the river and lower town. It isn’t the most exciting place to keep travelers entertained, but it is worth visiting for a day. Need more convincing? Here are [...] Read more »

Photo of the Week: Industrial Tourism, Tokyo, Japan


  Industrial Tourism Tokyo Japan   It’s an oft overlooked fact that Tokyo is a city by the sea, and to be honest, it’s easily done.  Visitors to the world’s largest urban area spend most of their time trying to keep from drowning in an ocean of metropolitan pleasures that encompass the mad kaleidoscope of [...] Read more »

What It’s Like In: Baku, Azerbaijan

Baku port

What It’s Like In: Baku, Azerbaijan Baku is an odd city, straddling as it does so many lines between distinct realms. Desert and sea, Central Asia and the Middle East, rich and poor, historic and modern; Baku has a touch of all of these and plenty of other more subtle distinctions besides. Despite hosting the [...] Read more »

What It’s Like In: Copenhagen, Denmark

What It's Like: Copenhagen

What It’s Like In: Copenhagen, Denmark Copenhagen is equal parts small and off the beaten track when compared to Euro-trip favorites like Amsterdam, Paris, or Berlin. With canals that rival Venice, beers that are surprisingly tasty, and an odd political enclave that stands apart from the rest of the city it seems Copenhagen has more [...] Read more »

Spotlight On: Travel to Macau

spotlight on travel to macau

Spotlight On: Travel to Macau   Official name: Macao Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China Location: On the southern edge of the mouth of the Pearl River Delta, on the Chinese border from the city of Zhuhai and just across the Delta from Hong Kong. Noteworthy facts: According to 2014 statistics Macau is the most densely-populated [...] Read more »

Photo of the Week: St. Mark’s Square Zagreb

St. Mark's Square Zagreb

  Photo of the Week: St. Mark’s Square Zagreb When I walked up into Zagreb’s Upper town, there was hardly a soul around. I turned the corner into St Mark’s Square Zagreb and this was my view. You can’t miss the colorful tile work of St. Mark’s church. The church itself dates from perhaps as [...] Read more »

Photo of the Week: Paris by Night

photo of the week paris by night

As cliche as it may sound, there really is something indefinably special about walking through the heart of Paris at night. Stripped of all the touts and tourists and scammy sidewalk gamers, the normally crowded area surrounding the Eiffel Tower can feel downright deserted. Here, on some small street just between L’Hôtel des Invalides and the Eiffel [...] Read more »

Your Guide to Oxford, U.K.

Christ Church Oxford

Often synonymous with its university, the bell chimes of Oxford’s spires ring to the sounds of elitism and wealth.  It is a city that has produced some of the world’s great leaders and/or some of its biggest rogues, and for most British school kids its university is a seat of learning to be aspired to [...] Read more »

Photo of the Week: Nankinmachi in Kobe, Japan


Nankinmachi in Kobe, Japan After Japan was bullied out of its self-imposed isolation in the mid 19th Century, the port city of Kobe in southern Honshu became one of the nation’s first cities to reluctantly open its doors to the outside world.  The usual hotchpotch of merchants, empire architects, bon vivants, and religious crusaders rocked-up [...] Read more »

Over In Asia: Istanbul’s Other Side

asian side of istanbul

Exploring the Asian Side of Istanbul   The Sultanahmet Mosque is beautiful, and the view from the Galata Tower at sunset is without doubt one of the tourists highlights of any trip to Istanbul.  Just sticking to these well-trodden areas, though, would be missing on an important piece of Istanbul: the Asian side. Anadolu is Europe’s [...] Read more »

How to save money in Dubai

how to save money in dubai

How To Save Money in Dubai   Dubai is a popular destination for tourists, with the world’s tallest building and the Middle East’s biggest airport, and even the very name evokes the image of gold-plated luxury and oil-money excess. Budget travelers need not be scared, though, and with just a bit of care towards spending [...] Read more »

Underground Austria: A Visit to the Sewers of Vienna

Underground Vienna: CIty Sewers

Underground Austria: A Visit to the Sewers of Vienna Austria-bound travelers may be forgiven for thinking that Salzburg and The Sound of Music are the be-all and end-all in ‘Osterreich’ cinema tourism. Frolicking in the lively hills of the Austrian Alps isn’t quite it, though. On the contrary, the ancient capital Vienna has its own [...] Read more »

What you need to know about Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Art Deco Cetral Market KL Malaysia

In preparation for our upcoming small group tour to Malaysia and Singapore, I wanted give you basic information that would help you get a better understanding about Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Although, a hub of southeast Asia, foreigners know very little about the city. Here’s what the traveler needs to know about Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:   [...] Read more »

11 Things to Do in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Mountain-biking at Ala-Archa National Park.

Catch Cultural Performances on the Cheap Whether looking for tickets to the Bishkek Philharmonic, State Puppet Theater, Russian Drama Theater, Opera and Ballet, or any of the other numerous theaters in town; tickets range from free to just a couple of dollars. Schedules can be a bit hard to find, but check around at the [...] Read more »

Why George Town (Penang) is Probably the Best UNESCO City

george town

An Islamic neighborhood in George Town (Penang) was holding a garage sale a few months back. After a half-hour spent rummaging through broken watches and old leather belts, I left with just one item: a postcard, from the 1960s or ‘70s, of the very hotel we’d checked into the previous day, the Oriental. What’s shocking [...] Read more »

Photo of the Week: Mango Sellers in Junagadh


Tell an Indian the name Junagadh and they might think of kesar mangoes. The city is famous for producing some of the most delicious mangoes in India. Come at the right season and you can enjoy mango shakes and fresh mangos at a great price. Mention Junagadh to a foreigner and they might tell you…they [...] Read more »

Finding the Bang in Bangkok: A Night in Patpong

Soi Cowboy

Editor’s Note: The follow story about Patpong contains language and sexual content that some readers might find offensive. Although we typically don’t publish these types of stories at GoMad Nomad, I thought it was important to show the “other” side of travel and a peek into the realm of sex tourism. If you don’t want [...] Read more »