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Avery grew up on a small farm in north Florida where she cultivated a love for barefooted living. As an adult she took this lifestyle to a remote island on the edge of Everglades National Park owning and operating an organic cafe and gallery. The seasonal business allowed for summer travel, ultimately leading to the decision to sell and travel even more.

Since then she’s been getting by as a yoga teacher, writer and recently added cycling guide to her occupational summary. After living a year in sunless Normandy with her French husband, Avery successfully lobbied to set up camp further south. She and the Normand now live in a small village in the south west corner of France sandwiched between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean. When she travels she looks for the simple and natural.

She blogs at Avery’s Typewriter.

Avery’s posts on GoMad Nomad:

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6 thoughts on “Avery Sumner”

  1. Avery,
    It is so good to read your writing again. You have such a wonderful way with words. Say “hello” to Alain for me. Libby

  2. Avery, I’m sure you won’t remember my husband Bob and me, but we loved coming to JT’s while you were there. We particularly enjoyed the music nights. We live in the Everglades City area and are up in North Carolina for the summer. When I saw your by-line in the Cherokee Sentinel I knew it had to be you & not just a “same-name” coincidence. Glad to see that you’re still writing. Keep it up!!

  3. Lovely lady!! Check out my recent blog for current info averystypewriter.wordpress.com. I’ll send you an email as well. Looking forward to getting your scoop. love, love

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