is a new hotel search engine; a tool to find accommodation in virtually any city on earth. It looks through thousands of choices and narrows them down in accordance to your specifications. Then it points you to the site where you can easily and securely book your night’s stay.

So let’s say you were planning a trip to France and wanted to book accommodation in Paris. Here’s what you’d do:

You’d first go to and type in Paris, France and the dates of your itinerary. The search scours through a possible 1838 hotel choices and yields 841 available rooms. You can then narrow down the search by different criteria: price, location, amenities, rating, and type, depending on how crucial each is to you. It even gives the option to see results in nearby towns and to display the prices in the currency of your choice. In addition to selecting and making a shortlist of top hotels, you can also click Map View in order to see the relative locations of your shortlisted selections on the map.

HotelCalculator iPhone App

One of the more useful features offered is HotelCalculator’s free app. Just tap in the same info and voila, you get the same results. If you’ve already arrived at your destination and haven’t had a chance to search for a hotel yet, just use the “search for hotels in your location” option. You can then book it right on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Download the app directly from the AppStore or via the HotelCalculator homepage.


Currently searches over 100,000 hotels displaying the price of accommodations from 28 other hotel reservation agency sites. The database includes hotels, apartments, hostels, and guesthouses in over 13,000 cities worldwide, ranging from budget to luxury accommodation.

The bottom line

HotelCalculator is an intelligent and efficient hotel search engine which saves you time. But it is quite comparable to the majority other hotel search engines out there doing the same thing. But, it should be noted, that not all of the others have apps like HotelCalculator, so that is a plus.

Additionally, I think the site is well laid out and easy on the eyes, while being fairly straightforward and simple to navigate.

Visit to book your next accommodation.