GoMad Nomad 10 Most Popular Posts from 2011

The sun sets on 2011 in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia


10)  Ask GoMad Nomad: When to Visit Jeju Island, South Korea


9)  The Women Divers of Jeju


8 )  Photo of the Week: Cinque Terre


7)  My life in Baños del Inca, Cajamarca, Peru


6)  5 Spectacular Castles to Visit in Ireland


5)  Top 10 German Foods


4)  Pure New Zealand: 5 points of view


3)  Ask GoMad Nomad: India vs. Malaysia


2)  Photo of the Week: Koh Trong, Cambodia


1)  10 Things She Should Know Before Couchsurfing: Tips for Women


 My Picks: Favorite posts of 2011 that didn’t make the Top 10


Interview with a Female Hitchhiker

After hitchhiking all over South America, I had a few questions for contributing writer Sally Kay. Most importantly, I wanted to know what it was like to hitch alone as a female.

Going Jet-free: Alternatives to Flying


Contributing writer Avery Sumner gives us some of her best ways to avoid the environmentally destructive ways of air travel. Gets you thinking about some fun ways to get around.

Photo Essay: The Temples of Angkor


I was really happy with how my photos turned out from the Temples of Angkor in Cambodia. Although they can’t come close to conveying just how spectacular this site is, I tried to capture both the grandeur and the details.

Oman: Open roads, open arms, and open wallets


I love publishing articles about exciting places I’ve never been. In this one, Beau Miller takes us around a lesser-traveled country on the Arabian Peninsula: Oman.

Machu Picchu: Independently on the Cheap


In this informative article, Noel Lau lets us in on his secret of getting to Machu Picchu without spending a ton of cash, like your average tourist does.

5 Reasons Why Malls Rule Singapore


In this post, an admitted mall hater (myself) comes to terms with not only tolerating Singaporean malls, but embracing them.

Why Korean is the World’s Most Interesting Language


After visiting Korea for the second time, I felt obliged to tell the world a little about why written Korean is such an ingenious invention.

The Forgotten Capital of Siberia: Tobolsk


Nell Rakhimova takes us through her hometown of Tobolsk, which was once the capital of Siberia. Now it’s a forgotten and remote settlement with an interesting history.

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  1. I just loved your Angkor Temple post… The pics were just amazing…
    Absolutely brilliantly summarised. Wish you and your family a very Happy New Year:)

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