Catalonia is known for Barcelona, its famous artists, the beautiful Costa Brava, the Pyrenees, and its world-class cuisine. Girona Spain is right in the middle of all this.

Girona is located inland from the coast, about an hour north of Barcelona. It’s a small city known for its Jewish quarter, old town, Cathedral, and colorful houses along the river Onyar.

The houses are known as Cases de l’Onyar. Their colors were actually chosen by a group of artists: Enric Ansesa, James J. Faixó and architects Fuses and J. Viaderand and are repainted in the same shades. The structures have ben built over the centuries.

Girona is a several-thousand-year-old city in Catalonia with approximately 100,000 inhabitants. Catalonia is an autonomous community of Spain, which has been given the official status of a “nationality”. The Catalans are a fiercely proud people with their own language, Catalan, and a distinct culture.

More photos of the Cases de l’Onyar, of the colorful houses of Girona, Spain:
colorful buildings of Girona Spain

Girona Spain colorful building along the River (2)

Girona Spain colorful building along the River (3)

colorful buildings of Girona Spain (3)


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