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There are many great places to visit in Asia, but Thailand holidays are often considered to offer the most diverse range of things to do. If you are undecided on where you want to go but know that Thailand is high on your interest list, why not try a cruise across Asia to sample a range of the beautiful countries and sample all the fun of some of the biggest tourist attractions on the continent.


Cruises to Singapore, Vietnam, China and Japan often pass through Thailand and you’ll be able to take your choice from these amazing nations to visit as part of your Thai adventure-at-sea. A cruise really allows you to lose yourself in relaxation as your time spent at sea passes by doing nearly any activity you can imagine, from swimming on on-board pools to visiting cinemas and playing tennis.


Stop in Bangkok

However, it’s the stopping off and disembarking in Bangkok that will set apart this adventure from all others. The cuisine, culture and surroundings are unlike any other city, with the unique style of Asian setting making it an enjoyable and relaxed place with a fun atmosphere.


Be sure to stop and marvel at the Wat Arun, a Buddhist temple built in 1656 to celebrate the rising of a new capital after Burmese invaders laid waste to the original capital city of Thailand, Ayutthaya. The result was one of the most beautiful and recognizable temples in the world, taking its place amongst the cities skyline alongside the Baiyoke Tower and the Empire Tower.


Just a short trip from the heart of the capital waits a beautiful floating market in a town called Damnoen Saduak. Here, the farmers come to sell their fresh produce directly from their boats in the river to tourists and locals on the bank. You can pick up freshly picked flowers and organic vegetables and fruit, as well as having a tasty meal prepared before your eyes on one of the cook-boats that drift up and down the river.


When you’ve taken in the sights and experiences of Bangkok and your cruise takes you to other fantastic lands across Asia you may discover that, though nothing quite rivals the versatility of Thailand, there are amazing experiences to be had across the entire continent. A cruise will allow you to enjoy them all in equal measure so make sure you choose a trip that allows you to explore the range of experiences you are looking for, because you’re sure to never forget them.

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