The far east has long held a grasp on our imagination. As it’s human nature to explore, more and more people are traveling to the East to find out what makes it so unique, so different. Taking a cruise to see Eastern cities and sights has gotten more and more popular, and with so many places to go, you’ve got endless choices. If you decide that a far east cruise is a vacation you’d like to take, here are a few destinations that are especially worthwhile.


To China

Far East cruises and China usually go hand in hand, and with good reason. Sailing to the largest country in Asia lets you admire one of the 7 wonders of the world, the Great Wall of China. One of the most popular destinations in China is Beijing, which can be accessed through the Tianjin cruise port (around 110 KM away). In Beijing you can walk the Great Wall of China, walk through the Forbidden City, and explore the capital and economic hub of China.


Onwards To Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh city. Depending on where you live just the mention of that name can send a wide array of emotions coursing through. One thing that can’t be denied about the city is the beauty and history that lies there. The most popular port of call in Vietnam, one of the biggest sightseeing draw’s are the Cu Chi tunnels. These are the underground passageways that the Vietcong used during the Vietnam war. Tours are available that take you through parts of the more than 200 KM worth of tunnels. Crawling through these tunnels (prepare to get dirty) is an enlightening experience, especially considering people actually lived in them at one point.



Modest-sized Taiwan has a rich history in and of itself. A port of call in Taipei gives you the opportunity to learn about the former president of the Republic of China, Chiang Kai Shek, at the Chiang Kai Shek memorial. If you want a more modernized look at the city you can head to Taipei 101, the 5th largest tower in the world. If you are a museum buff, a must see is the National Palace museum, home to one of the most impressive jade collections in the world.


Of course, these are just three destinations to get you started. There are so many wonderful places in the East to see: common cruise routes run from the Thai capital Bangkok, through Cambodia and Vietnam, while there are alternative itineraries that take in the exotic highlights of Singapore and Indonesia. With so much rich variety in both the landscape and urban metropolises of the Far East, the good thing is that you really can’t make a wrong choice.