If you’re like me, Tunisia conjures up images like camel caravans through the Sahara, Mediterranean white-sand beaches, old forts, and ancient Roman ruins. Exotic, right? With excellent airfares from Europe, there are few excuses not to travel to Tunisis. Let explore some more of Tunisia.


The capital city of Tunisia is small and compact. It isn’t hugely popular in terms of tourism but has an excellent market and old city, known as the medina. Tunis is not known for its beaches, for that you’ll have to head elsewhere. Tunis is in good range for visiting ancient Carthage, ruins from the Phoenician and Punic periods from the 6th century BC.


Enfidha’s new airport opened in 2009 and is now a gateway for European charter flights. Thomas Cook Airlines flights to Enfidha  is just one. You can find some really hot deals on airfare, especially from the UK. The airport here was built to gradually replace the one in Monastir. There is a free shuttle to Hammamet from the airport.

The Sahara

The Saharan hinterland is a forboding lanscape of rocky plains and dunes with good opportunities to do some desert trekking and see some archaeological sites. Some interesting sights here are Nefta, Tuisia’s centre of Sufism, Tozeur, a gateway to many desert oasis villages, and Sufetula, a well-preserved Roman town. Another site is Jebel National Park, which is more of a nature reserve than a tourist site.


The city of Souse is one of the oldest in Tunisia which has an authentic medina, or old town. It has the status of World Heritage and is a popular place for travelers. It also has nice beaches nearby.

El Jem

El Jem is famous as the place of the UNESCO-listed Roman amphitheater. The town was once known as Thysdrus, an important city of Roman North Africa. El Jem is located between Sousse and Sfax and is easily accessible by train.

El Kef

El Kef is a small city in the north of Tunisia, near the eastern end of the High Atlas Mountains. It is known for being a relaxed town which offers an authentic experience of Tunisia. The town’s main attraction is its Byzantine kasbah, located at the top of the city. El Kef is a good base to use for day trip to the surrounding area.

Entry Requirements and other useful information

A visa is not required for most EU countries as well as the United States.Besides Arabic, French is a useful language for traveling in Tunisia.