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Tips When Flying From Heathrow Airport

Heathrow is one of the busiest airports in the world. The airport is said to have approximately 1,300 aircraft depart from its runways per day which is a truly staggering statistic. It’s also technologically one of the most advanced airports in the world and rightly sits in the upper echelons of the airport league table – yes, there’s a league table for airports!


For an airport so large, it is important as a traveler that you are well versed on how to navigate Heathrow to eradicate any chances of delays when traveling to your check-in desk and during your time in departures. Because of its many terminals, it’s important that you know exactly which one you need to be at whether you are traveling to the airport via train, cab or car.


– If you are arriving at the airport via car there are a multitude of parking options available to people flying from Heathrow. You will get to choose from valet, business, and short or long stay parking options dependent on your budget and the duration you are away on vacation.
– Upon parking your vehicle, Parking4Less states that there are free shuttles available to transport passengers to their respective terminals.
– If you are traveling via train, there is a underground rail line that goes directly from London’s King Cross to all the Heathrow terminals.
– Check-in gates are visible on the many boarding screens throughout all terminals.
– Once checked-in, your respective gate in which you’ll board your plane will be visible approximately 1 hour 30 minutes before your boarding time.


For additional help, Heathrow has designed their own official app to help passengers gain knowledge about the airport, track their flights and other useful information. You can download the app here. The app is available from iTunes and on Android.