4 reasons to visit Cape Verde


Not many people need persuading to visit an incredible archipelago such as Cape Verde. Still relatively untapped, why are a growing number of visitors choosing these volcanic islands in the Atlantic Ocean over other destinations?


Here’s why you should visit Cape Verde:


The amazing array of landscapes

Made up of ten main islands, the Cape Verde off the coast of Senegal offers a little bit of everything when it comes to terrain. The island of Sal, where the main airport is, has beautiful beaches and a fascinating inner terrain of rocky mountains and Mars-like deserts, whilst Santo Antao has lush tropical valleys, imposing mountains and a rugged coastline. Fogo is home to a majestic live volcano, Mt Fogo, which draws visitors from across the globe to scale it’s peak and enjoy the views across the islands.


The unique cuisine

Cape Verde’s popular local dish of cachupa can be found across the islands and is a must-try – a tasty stew made with corn or beans cooked with sweet potato, squash and tomatoes and sometimes meat such as bacon. The abundance of tropical fruits on the islands means you are never far from mouthwatering mangoes, papayas and coconuts. And to wash it all down with, try the local Grogue, a strong alcoholic drink made with sugar cane (just watch out for sore heads the next day!).


Plenty to see

There’s plenty on the islands to keep thrill-seekers and history buffs happy. Visit Cidade Velha, the oldest city in Cape Verde and UNESCO World Heritage Site, and explore the world’s oldest colonial church. On Santo Antao take a guided trek or horse-ride through the mountains, or go fully A-Team and hire a 4×4 jeep for an unforgettable day trip. Add to this the numerous spots for diving and snorkeling and you’re guaranteed not to have a dull day in the Cape Verde.


Beautiful beaches

If lounging on the sand reading is your thing, then all you need to do is pack plenty of books or your Kindle. Although there are stunning secluded beach spots across the islands, Sal is probably your best bet for beaches with plenty to do. Head to the white sands of Santa Maria for a great selection of water sports during the day and lively beach bars and restaurants at night.


If those reasons don’t convince you, then the only thing left is to go and see Cape Verde for yourself. But be quick, it might be one of the travel world’s best kept secrets but it won’t remain so for long. Soak up your piece of quiet paradise while you still can.

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