The 5 Best Cities For Disabled Travelers to Visit

Picking the destination for your next holiday is one of the most exciting parts of planning a trip. For disabled travelers, there are additional considerations to think about when choosing a location – namely accessibility. With around 15% of the world’s population having a disability, countries have been consistently improving facilities for individuals. But some are better than others.

We’ve done some of the research for you and picked five of the best cities around the world for disabled travelers to visit. Check them out:

Vancouver, US

Boasting progressive transportation systems and suitable recreational opportunities, peoples of all ages with visual, hearing or mobility disabilities can enjoy holidays in Vancouver. Hotels are famous for accessibility, and the city’s transport system is applauded by many. Insurance with names TransLink as one of the world’s leading providers of accessible transport, along with the SkyTrain and SeaBus.


Seattle, US

Staying in the US, Seattle is another city which deserves recognition as a top holiday destination for disabled travelers. Accessible attractions include the Space Needle Observation Deck, Seattle Aquarium, and Experience Music Project.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

There are accessible cities outside of the US, too. Europe has its fair share – including Amsterdam. If you use a wheelchair, you’ll easily be able to get around as other tourists do. I Amsterdam says several canal cruise operators make use of wheelchair lifts, including Blue Boat Company. If you’d rather experience the city via bikes, Star Bikes has a bicycle in its range designed to accommodate disabled visitors.
Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

If you’re after a sunny, relaxing break, head to Playa del Carmen in Mexico. For mobility-impaired people, it offers some once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. You can go snorkeling and experience the coral reef and green turtles first hand with adaptive equipment, and the beach is furnished with specialist wheelchairs.

You could also finish your trip with a visit to the nearby and largely wheelchair-accessible Mayan archaeological sites, Chichén Itzá and Tulum.

Melbourne, Australia

Last but not least, we’ve got Melbourne. It’s got a compact city center and accessible public transport systems. You can venture along the Great Ocean Road and soak up the spectacular scenery, before heading to the zoo or one of the local parks.

You’ve also got handy tips from Lonely Planet’s pilot accessibility guide, Accessible Melbourne. This free e-book provides the most up-to-date advice for travelers with special needs – for example, the best wheelchair-friendly restaurants. We hope to see more similar e-books released.

so melbourne

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