Want to explore without the backpacking? Think: location

It may seem romantically adventurous to just set off and explore with nothing but a change of clothes and some cash in your bag, but the reality of backpacking means spending lots of time feeling sweaty, with tired legs, unfolding wet maps or relying on your phone’s battery, amid lots of stopping to ask for help or directions or charge points.

Sound fun? If getting off the beaten track by foot and bus isn’t your style, you may prefer to explore with a bit more class and luxury. The key to managing this is to choose a place to stay that is well located between all the sites you want to visit. If you’re also not one for planning, a quality resort can do much of the thinking for you.

If you want great organization and a trip designed just for you, look into Excellence Luxury Hotels & Resorts, home to a team that which will take on all the work of organizing your stay from the moment you arrive to even after when you check-out. The Excellence group has adults-only, all-age, romantic and fun resorts, and are most importantly: very well located.

These resorts are in Playa Mujeres, Riviera Cancun, Punta Cana, El Carmen, and Oyster Bay, which are all exquisite spots near beautiful beaches, biking, hiking, and boating opportunities. They are also close to nature reserves, archaeological sites, and coral reefs in some cases. Montego Bay has plenty of places for partying but also a very low-key side to it for the days you prefer to relax.

If you prefer a cooler climate for your travels, Forbes created a list of the top ski resorts in North America using their famed Pure Awesomeness Factor assessment. Jackson Hole wins frequently and has adapted its risky slopes to also cater to more intermediate skiers.

However, if you aren’t familiar with the sport it may be better to start elsewhere, skiing requires a substantial investment in equipment and clothing, which is an important piece of information that not everyone tells newbies. If you pop over to Switzerland, you can find a wealth of winter resorts that offer snowboarding, and even bloodless cow fights, a tradition involving the naturally combative Eringer cows and requires no training on your part!

If you’re set on walking but not keen on the sweaty, sleepless part of the activity, hiking in the mountains is great for a little exercise. Hiking requires simpler equipment than skiing and snowboarding and when not mixed with backpacking between accommodations, is an invigorating exercise. Ski resorts often cater to walking tours from warm comfortable hotels.

Having read this, hopefully it’s clearer how many options you have available to you. There are plenty of resorts that blend luxury with daredevil activities, so why set off on a sweaty backpacking trip when you can explore in the day and sleep on a comfy, mosquito-free bed at night? You needn’t sacrifice luxury for experience, just find a well-located hotel or resort to be the base from which to start your adventures.