A Guide To Exploring Tokyo

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Tokyo boasts a large city population and Japanese people are polite, the food is amazing, technology is cutting edge and the city is quite electric, metaphorically and literally. There are so many things you can do when you visit Tokyo; you can visit shrines, Michelin star restaurants or the coffee shops that are hidden along the streets of Omotesando and Shibuya, but mostly interact with the locals to get the most out of your experience and their culture.

Traveling within Tokyo:

Public transportation in Tokyo is quite amazing, it is fast and efficient. The underground subway is fast, reliable and can get you to any place in the city and beyond. It is recommended to get A Pasmo card as soon as you arrive in Tokyo and recharge it wherever you go.

Very few people in Tokyo speak English. However, if you have access to Google maps, you will find it very easy to get around. Important signs have English translations and are easy to understand, Google maps also work with Tokyo’s subway station systems to show you the best route you can take.  Here are few apps you can use while traveling around the city:

For translation:

  • Google translate and Waygo
  • Getting around:
  • Tokyo Subway navigation
  • Dining:
  • Trip advisor



There are various activities that one can take part in when they arrive in Tokyo. Various districts in Tokyo are known for various activities, some of them are,

The Shibuya District

Stroll around the streets of Shibuya at night as they are beautiful and also visit the famous Shibuya crossing. The crossing is one of the busiest intersections in the world. Surrounded by neon signs and LED screens the crossing is like visiting the Time Square of Japan.

The Meiji Shrine

The shrine is located in Shibuya and sits in the middle of a cool forest; it is dedicated to the spirits of Emperor Meiji and his spouse Empress Shōken.


Explore Akihabara and visit a maid cafe

Akihabara, also known as the electric town, is known for everything related to Manga, anime and video games. As you take a stroll down the streets you will see your favorite anime and manga characters along with actual arcades in that area. Maid cafes are also a must experience, waitresses are dressed as maids and treat the customers as masters. It may sound weird but the experience is definitely worth it.



There are many more sights to visit; the ones listed above are just the tip of the iceberg. To know more and plan your trip visit Exotic Voyages and they will guide you in planning your dream vacation.