Fly Around Turkey and Discover Its Hidden Destinations

Fly Around Turkey and Discover Its Hidden Destinations

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Turkey is a vast and interesting country with so many destinations still undiscovered by mainstream tourism. You might be aware of the Arabian delights of Istanbul or the beautiful sandy beaches of Bodrum but there is so much more to see. Here you find out more about 5 of these hidden destinations in Turkey that most travelers are yet to discover.

Consider your next flight ticket booking to be a destination in Turkey and discover the hidden gems of this country.


Cappadocia the land of the fairy homes and wild horses.

This area is like something from another world. You won’t find anywhere else like this in the world and it is surely a once in a lifetime visit. A popular thing to do for visitors here is to take a hot air balloon ride and explore the area from above.

From the ground, you’ll find Bronze Age homes carved into valley walls by ancient cave dwellers which were later used as refuges by early Christians. There are also outstanding carved rock face churches to see. Cappadocia is becoming increasingly popular with tourists, so visit the area whilst it is still in the shadows.


Antakya the food lover’s heaven in the south-east

The city is known for its delicious cuisine and it is one that has many Middle Eastern influences. One of the dishes you must try in Antakya is a dessert called Künefe, a yummy shredded pastry with cheese. Most of the best places to try this are in the main town square.

You don’t just have to eat when you are here, there are some great things to see too.  Like the Roman engineering marvel of the Titus tunnel, the Church of St Peter which is one of the oldest churches in Christianity and the mosaic museum which houses the second largest collection of Roman mosaics in the world.


The award-winning slow town of Izmir

If you are looking for a relaxed and slow pace of life then In Seferihisar, Izmir you can the life as if you are in Wonderland. There are beautiful beaches like Akkum and Ekmeksiz which are the best places to enjoy some peace and quiet in the sunshine.

If you enjoy history then check out the ancient city of Teos with its interesting ruins to explore. Or if you are a foodie try the best artichokes and fresh sea bream served in this town. Enjoy the slow city by exploring the pine tree forests, walking the cobbled stone streets and enjoying the flowers in bloom.


The beautiful hidden and historic Datça

This port town in southwestern Turkey can be found sitting upon the narrow Datça Peninsula on the Aegean Sea. A particularly beautiful place is the old neighborhood of Eski. With ancient stone roads and flower-covered walls.

You’ll also find spectacular ancient Greek ruins at the western tip of the peninsula in Knidos. There’s an amphitheater and an impressive temple to the goddess Aphrodite and a sundial dating back to 4th-century B.C.


The green summer resort of Ayder in Rize province

In this beautiful area, you’ll find Turkish mountain villages where nomadic herders traditionally moved to with their animals during the summer. The herders produce cheese, yogurt and honey which is still found in the area today.

Local holidaymakers come for the peace and quiet and spectacular scenery. Highlights include the waterfalls dense forests and hot springs that can be found in the region. Hotels and guesthouses have sprung up here are there and are the perfect place to stay nestled between the mountains.


Where will you go on your next trip to Turkey?

As you can see, there’s more to Turkey than you might have imagined. From historic ruins to rolling green hills, fabulous food and fairy-tale lands. Turkey really is a country that has plenty for visitors still to discover. The best times to visit if you want to explore is spring and autumn when the weather is pleasant and ideal for sightseeing. So, book your holiday during these seasons for the best sightseeing weather. Where will you choose to go on your next trip?  Spring in Ayder, Autumn in Izmir? The possibilities are almost endless.

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