Get Fantastic Virgin Australia Flight Discounts

If a trip down under to the beautiful country of Australia is on your bucket list, but you aren’t sure that the long flight is in your budget, then we have great news! Virgin Australia Promo Codes can provide you with savings on your domestic or international flights when you are booking your trip.

A trip to Australia is on many people’s travel bucket list and now is the time to check this destination off your travel docket. With endless sightseeing destinations and some of the most spectacular diving and watersports in the world, there is no more reason to wait. Booking your flight is fast and easy, and you can add your promo code right at the same time.

10% Discount Code  –  KLM79

This promo code applies to Virgin Australia Domestic flights — and some International routes as well — but you will have to check with your booking agent. It applies to standard or business class seats and expires on December 15, 2018.

Virgin Promo Code 78  – BLX69

Get a 10% discount on Virgin Domestic and selected international flights across various fare classes. This offer requires you to book your flights at least 20 days in advance to collect your discount.

Virgin Promo Code 47  – GPR69

Choose your 10% discount from a Virgin Domestic, Trans Tasman or an International short or long-haul flight.

Virgin 5% Promo Code  – CMZ59

This offer is valid from April 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018 unless discounted seats are sold out. The discount only applies to Virgin Australia flights that are operated and numbered between Australian ports. The discount only applies to the base rate of the ticket.

Up to 20% Virgin Discount  – AMX18

This fantastic discount rate is only available to holders of the following American Express credit cards that are used for flight booking:

American Express Velocity Platinum
American Express Gold
American Express Escape
American Express Business

5% – 10% Virgin Elevate Promo Code  – JTX27

This discount applies to Gateway and Elevate Fares only with a 5% ticket price reduction. Bookings for Business Class and Business Saver can collect a 10% discount. This promo is only available for travel occurring until December 31, 2018 and it must be booked before June 3, 2018.

10% – 30% Off Virgin Promo Code  – KLT69

Receive a 10% discount off your Economy class booking. 30% discount applies to Business Class fares on any Virgin Domestic, Trans Tasman or International flights. Travel must be taken between May 7, 2018 – March 13, 2019. Booking must be done a minimum of 20 days prior to travel.