How to Spend Your First Trip to Florida

How to Spend Your First Trip to Florida

Florida is a very popular destination for holidaymakers. People from all over the world make the trip year after year to visit the stunning sands of this state and to explore deeper into all the great things to do, see, and eat. 

If it’s your first trip to Florida, however, it can feel a bit daunting. Don’t get sucked in by the nightlife at Miami or the beaches at Palm Beach because while they are great places to go, you will want to diversify your trip so that you can get a complete and epic experience of Florida. 

Book Yourself a Villa 

Florida is the equivalent of the Mediterranean coast to North Americans and has many stunning and modernized features a European might be familiar with. One such feature is the villas. By renting out villas in Florida, you can enjoy a luxurious experience like no other and have a great home base that you can make many day trips from. 

Top Activities in Florida 

Florida has a lot to do, which is why you need to venture away from the beaches and head inland to explore these top areas and enjoy a great day out: 

Theme Parks  

North America has theme parks that are unrivaled around the world. Florida alone is home to two of the most famous in the industry, Walt Disney World and Universal Studios.

Walt Disney World 

This theme park is double the size of Manhattan. It’s the size of a major city, and it’s massive compared to California’s Disneyworld. If there is any Disney owned resort that you want to go to, it is this one.  In Disney World, you have four theme parks, as well as the iconic castle that features in its logo, Cinderella’s Castle. For families, for adults, or anyone of any age, this is where to go. 

Universal Studios 

Universal Studios is the other half of the theme park that Orlando offers, and for fun and adventure, there is no better place to go. 

Visit the Everglades National Park 

If you want to enjoy some beautiful and otherworldly landscapes, however, then visit the Everglades and go on an airboat tour. Wander through the neotropics landscapes of these wetlands and spot alligators. You will even be able to eat alligator at any of the many restaurants around the park. 

Soak in the Sun 

If some fun in the sun is what you are looking for, then there are a few key areas you will want to visit: 


Miami has the nightlife, the beautiful beaches, and is the true embodiment of fun in the sun. 

The Florida Keys

For a Caribbean escape right in the USA visit the Florida Keys. This set of islands offers a laid back party vibe and some soft white sands you won’t be able to stop looking at.

Palm Beach 

Palm Beach is the more luxurious Floridian beach and offers high dining and some great shopping along its promenades. 

Florida has a lot more to see, do, and enjoy than many people think, which is why when planning a trip to this great state you will want to diversify your activities list, rent yourself a villa in a great location, and take your time exploring the many faces of Florida. 

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