While planes and trains are often the fastest way to travel, there are times when you need to seek alternative methods. Usually, buses are the best alternative, since they are budget-friendly, can travel the most direct route, and depart frequently.

In some countries, they are your only option, so you could well find yourself on a long bus journey. Since travel is the most essential part of the nomad lifestyle, we decided to embrace bus journeys and find ways to make the most of them.

Best Buses

Sometimes you get lucky, and the bus you catch has all the services you need to make your journey comfortable. Climate control, WiFi, and onboard bathroom facilities all add to a pleasant journey. Anyone who has traveled on a budget knows that you need to make the most of a good thing when the opportunity arises. The next bus along might not be so nice.

There have been times when we wanted a little treat, so we clubbed together with some other travelers and spent a bit more money for a bit of comfort. A memorable example was when we were in the US and we found that at unitedcoachline.com we could use the power outlets to give our devices a boost and the WiFi to make plans for the next part of our journey.

Outside the Bus

One of the best things about traveling by coach or bus is what you see on your journey. Planes offer you a stunning first look at your destination, and trains can give you a fleeting glimpse of scenery, but buses have the best pace for really appreciating what’s out there.

Not every bus journey is idyllic and beautiful, but if you can manage to get a window seat, you will at least have something to look at on your trip. The nomad lifestyle is all about visiting, seeing, and experiencing different places. They could have picturesque scenery, stunning architecture, or spectacular mountains, but a fantastic way to see them is by bus.

We recommend checking the route on a map before you set off. It will help you prepare for the length of the journey, but you can also anticipate what you might see. You can keep in mind any points of interest, or you might discover a more scenic route.

Get Ahead

Rather than see your bus journey as a necessary evil, regard it as an opportunity to start learning about your surroundings. That doesn’t just mean looking out of the window of the bus to see the landscape.

The longer you live as a nomad, the more experienced you get at spotting other nomads. Your bus journey might be an opportunity to get to know other like-minded travelers heading to your destination. Even if you don’t make a new friend, you might get some tips and advice.

Final Thoughts

Bus journeys have just the right relaxed pace to open up an exciting world of possibilities. They are sometimes an excellent way to catch up on sleep, but if you are open-minded, you could change the tone of your trip completely.

Bus journeys really don’t need to be terrible. They are part of the nomad existence, and if you treat them as such, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you can gain from the experience.