Nara Park in Japan

Japan is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. There are many interesting things to see and to do in the country. That’s why millions of travelers arrive in Japan each year. Go visit Visa Express to get your travel visa to Japan. 

One of the great places Japan offers to visitors is Nara Park. The space of this place is extremely large, considering the country’s territory and conditions. There are various animal species in the park, and they enjoy a beautiful landscape with different water resources, trees, and remarkable plants. 

Unforgettable Tourist Experience

Nara Park provides an amazing tourist experience because the visitors have a chance to come in near contact with some of the species that live in the site. 

However, this place is important for various other reasons. It is, for example, the oldest park of this type in Japan. The place was established in 1880, and it has been successfully operating since that time. 

National Museum and Todaji-ji Temple

The National Museum and Todaji-ji Temple are also part of this place. So you can visit them too while walking through the park. The objects also have a lot to offer. There are various interesting showpieces inside so you can enjoy watching these. Also, it is the home of the large Buddha statue. The monument is 15 meters tall, and it is made of wood. Many tourists are impressed when they come near the statue, and it is indeed an excellent experience to take some photos there. 

Japanese people have respected their religion a lot. The temples and other religious objects are visible in various regions, including national parks like this one. 

That’s possible because Nara Park was actually a big garden in the past. The place was private property, and it served different purposes. 

Rural Areas of Nara Park

Nara Park also has some rural areas where you can see only trees, bushes, grass, and animals. However, many parts are fully urban, and you can notice different objects and sidewalks there. These are ideal for exploring the surrounding nature because they provide a comfortable and quality infrastructure for the purpose. 

Deers, for example, often prefer to come very close to the visitors. So you might sometimes have a chance to touch them. Many visitors like to feed them during those moments, and they will often gladly take the food from your hand. 

Not all tourists have good intentions though. Few of them have done some bad things, and one was arrested several years ago. He actually killed a deer with a crossbow. The authorities found him, and he was sentenced to 6 months in prison. That’s why the park has security officers whose main responsibility is to monitor the situation. Accidents of this kind are therefore rare, but they still happen occasionally. 


In Nara Park, you can also find other sorts of content. There are, for example, different Chayas. That’s an excellent place to take a break. Chayas make and serve great teas made in a traditional Japanese way. You can also take some types of food that present an ideal combination with such a drink. Chayas are, therefore, quite similar to modern coffee shops, for example. 

They are, however, made out of wood, so they are a good fit for the environment. Also, they do not serve many drinks you can commonly find in regular bars and shops. But, despite the fact, they are great to make a little pause.  

Souvenir Shops

Nara Park is home to many souvenir shops as well. You can purchase various interesting items at these places. They are typically located in the same area, so you can check all of them at the same time. 

World Heritage Site

The place is regarded as a world heritage site, thanks to all of its characteristics. The domestic and international laws protect the location, and it attracts the attention of people from different corners of the Earth. 

You will certainly not regret the decision to visit the location. The park is not very near to the largest cities, and traveling might take a few hours. However, you will have a chance to experience something totally different. Japan is an overly populated country so there are many fully urbanized areas there. Big metropolises and widely developed infrastructure are pretty distinct so you can explore the natural side of Japan by visiting Nara Park.