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Avery Sumner

  Avery grew up on a small farm in north Florida where she cultivated a love for barefooted living. As an adult she took this lifestyle to a remote island on the edge of Everglades National Park owning and operating an organic cafe and gallery. The seasonal business allowed for summer travel, ultimately leading to the decision to sell and travel even more. Since then she’s been getting by as a yoga teacher, writer and recently added cycling guide to her occupational summary. After living a year in sunless Normandy with her French husband, Avery successfully lobbied to set up camp further south. She and the Normand now live in a small village in the south west corner of France sandwiched between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean. When she travels she looks for the simple and natural. She blogs at Avery’s Typewriter. Avery’s posts on GoMad Nomad: Learning French in France The Same...

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GoMad Nomad 10 Most Popular Posts from 2011

The sun sets on 2011 in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia   10)  Ask GoMad Nomad: When to Visit Jeju Island, South Korea   9)  The Women Divers of Jeju   8 )  Photo of the Week: Cinque Terre   7)  My life in Baños del Inca, Cajamarca, Peru   6)  5 Spectacular Castles to Visit in Ireland   5)  Top 10 German Foods   4)  Pure New Zealand: 5 points of view   3)  Ask GoMad Nomad: India vs. Malaysia   2)  Photo of the Week: Koh Trong, Cambodia   1)  10 Things She Should Know Before Couchsurfing: Tips for Women        My Picks: Favorite posts of 2011 that didn’t make the Top 10   Interview with a Female Hitchhiker   After hitchhiking all over South America, I had a few questions for contributing writer Sally Kay. Most importantly, I wanted to know what it was like to hitch alone as a female.   Going Jet-free: Alternatives to Flying   Contributing writer Avery Sumner gives us some of her best ways to avoid the environmentally destructive ways of air travel. Gets you thinking about some fun ways to get around.   Photo Essay: The Temples of Angkor   I was really happy with how my photos turned out from the Temples of Angkor in Cambodia. Although they can’t come close to conveying just how spectacular this site is, I...

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Going Jet-free: Alternatives to Flying

By Avery Sumner I’ve got a full bladder and a thread thin polyester blanket stretched around me. I can’t reach the valve for the cold flow of air pouring over my seat and I can’t get up to use the bathroom because there’s a half eaten microwaved meal on a tray table locking me in place.   Each time I take this flight between France and the United States I wonder how it is I paid (in my free lance world) the equivalent of one or two months’ salary for these conditions. The misery isn’t even rewarded with a rich tale to recount or reflect on later. It’s just a sterile, uncomfortable and really damned expensive experience. Add to that the massive environmental costs of the flight and the fact that if this plane goes down the likely-hood of survivors is, well, unlikely, and voila, you see the inspiration behind this article. Though I haven’t found an alternative to the flexibility of ocean-crossing flights, I have found some general flying alternatives that make me feel more comfortable about the possibility of these being my last moments. So what could be better than cramming myself on a jet in the final hour? How about cleating the halyards of a sailing vessel headed toward somewhere far, or resting under a blanket of stars so thick I think I can see tomorrow....

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Learning French in France

I was never really interested in France or French, preferring to study a less bourgeois language like Spanish in school. Not that my language prejudice mattered, because like most Americans I never mastered a second language at all. Sure, I later got by hitchhiking in Cuba with my rudimentary Spanish, but I didn’t speak the language. And then I married a guy from France…

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