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photo of the week: CANNON BEACH, OREGON

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: CANNON BEACH, OREGON Cannon Beach is king of the coast in Oregon. Stretching for several miles along the crashing and heaving Pacific, it’s cool and windy even in summer. I was lucky to have a cloudless day when I visited, though I’ve been told storms here can be truly spectacular. The vastness of the beach, then the infinite ocean beyond, and of the sky, stopped me cold. Strolling along the water, with the ocean at low tide, gave me a sense of how small we really are. The howling wind coupled with the bright sun...

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Exploring Redneck Gourmet Delights along the Southern Oregon Coast

Exploring Redneck Gourmet Delights along the Southern Oregon Coast The Southern Oregon Coast, with its rocky unspoiled shorelines, serves up some of the state’s most breathtaking sunsets and casual cuisine. Upon initial glance, the small towns scattered along the coast seem quaint almost rustic. These rural communities are home to unassuming restaurants and storefronts that feature award-winning cuisine and culinary delights. Gold Beach Start this epicurean journey at the Southern portion of the coast with a trip to Arch Rock Brewing, located in Gold Beach, Oregon. Housed within an aluminum warehouse is an award-winning microbrewery that brews three major...

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Photo of the Week: Crater Lake, Oregon

Almost 7,000 years ago, the 12,000-foot-high Mt. Mazama blew its top, caved in on itself, and eventually formed the United States’ deepest lake. Today it is known as Crater Lake, although technically it lies in a caldera. Crater Lake is the crown jewel of the Northwest’s Cascade Range. Its depth of 1,943 ft. (592 meters) absorbs all colors of the spectrum, except for blue and violet, which are reflected back to the sky, giving the spectacular blue appearance of the lake. The Crater Lake National Park was established in 1902 to protect the unique geology of the lake and its surroundings. Unlike many National Parks in the US, development is minimal at Crater Lake, leaving plenty of uncontaminated views. Numerous hiking trails are accessible from the park’s Rim Drive. I hiked to the top of Mt. Scott, for magnificent views of the lake. There are also boat trips to the cinder cone Wizard Island and cross-country skiing and snow shoeing opportunities in winter. Visiting Crater Lake was one of the main destinations of my 11,000-plus mile cross-country road trip in 2010. If you go: Crater Lake National Park is located about 5 ½ hours south of Portland and 7 ½ hours north of San Francisco. The 33-mile Rim Drive is usually closed mid-October through July due to the massive snow accumulation. The Visitor’s Center, located on the south side...

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Your Guide to Not-so-weird Portland, Oregon

By Michael Bugno Upon arrival, I am greeted with a huge brick wall that says, “Keep Portland Weird”. I sort of knew what I was getting into when I read Keep Portland Weird: 5 Crazy things to do in Portland, Oregon. But seriously—whatever happened to arriving in a city and having a Top 10 sights to see? Am I that old fashioned that when I visit a city, I want to see the sights that it’s known for, not the crazies that inhabit it? Donuts and coffee, Portland style   First stop, Voodoo doughnuts. My marketing gears started immediately spinning – I could make this place millions! The line/wait is ridiculous – and it’s only because the folks running the joint are going at a snail’s pace – ah, perhaps this is the New Yorker in me coming out. Slow down, smell the flowers and enjoy life, isn’t that their motto? Reducing the wait time in half could bring this place millions of additional dollars each year! In all my NY haste, I think Voodoo does as well as it does because it’s in OR, perhaps the NYers like me need to sip the Stumptown Coffee and take a chill pill. A Market (that even New York marketers can enjoy)   So, what next, perhaps a jaunt through the Portland Saturday Market? It was tons of fun – I...

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Keep Portland Weird: Five Crazy Things to Do in Portland, Oregon

By Hope Nardini Portland is plastered with “Keep Portland Weird” bumper stickers, t-shirts, and even billboards. It’s one of my favorite cities to visit, because there is always something strange and crazy right around the corner. From “zoo bombing” on kiddie bikes to setting your taste buds on fire with habanero cheese fritters, Portland will not disappoint even the most reckless daredevil.   Woodstock Mystery Hole When’s the last time you shimmied down a mysterious hole in the ground suspected to contain artifacts from an ancient civilization? The Betz floods swept the Northwest after the ice age, and sediment buried the land under layers of hardened rock. The mystery hole is like a telescope into the past. When a family discovered it in their backyard blackberry bushes, they were shocked to find such rock formations as the Giant Double Arch and the Gaping Tunnel. You’ll have to sign a waiver, but you too can experience this strange discovery. The Woodstock mystery hole is just two miles west of I-205, and you can find out more information at   See Dead People How do you feel about walking through seven miles of creepy hallway and chilly basement? Would you be even more spooked if you were walking among the dead? Although the Portland Memorial Mausoleum is now closed to the public, they do have special tour days periodically. You’ll...

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