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Gilbert Carlson

Gomad Nomad’s European correspondent Gilbert Carlson has crossed the continent countless times, usually with his thumb up. From Syria to Norway to Morocco and all the places in between, he blogs on Gomad Nomad’s Follow Gilbert and resides in Paris when not on the road. Follow Gilbert : A Travel Blog Tag along for the impromptu travels with Gilbert Carlson as he crosses the continent with his thumb out and his eyes open: prepared for anything life on the road might take from him or the kindness of strangers might bring.   Gilbert’s posts on Gomad Nomad: The Parisian’s Paris To Say We had been to Kosovo Carefree Travel on the...

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Getting Beyond the Backpacker’s Scene

We’ve all been there. The crowded hostels of Europe. The well-beaten path along the Turkish coast. Khao San Road or Jalan Jaksa’s traveler’s ghettos. You’re getting tired of spending so much money to be so far away from home only to fritter away much of your time drinking and talking your next travel move with other western backpackers…

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Convento de Cristo

In my travels throughout Spain the last few years I have been intrigued by the many sites associated with the Knights Templar, with their peculiar architecture and varied locations. Consequently, my curiosity regarding this mysterious half-religious half-military order had grown…

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