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Top 10 Swiss Foods

In midst of the Alps, cows graze peacefully on evergreen fields. Farmers breathe in the crisp mountain air as they herd their sheep to be fed. This is Switzerland. A paradise not only of political neutrality, but also of locally grown foods. If anything is imported, it’s only the highest quality. Got your mouth watering? Take a look at the following specialties, and you’ll be sure to head to Switzerland soon. Käsefondue (cheese fondue) Come hungry, because a cheese fondue is not a small snack. Best consumed in a group, the Käsefondue involves dipping bread and vegetables in a...

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Looking for Cheap Flights? Buy midweek; some insights on ticket pricing

By Paige Green When it comes to cheap holidays and scoring budget basement prices on flights, a recent article in the Economist highlighted some of the best times to purchase cheap flights. According to Scott McCartney, the best time to purchase flights was mid week about 8 weeks before departure. How airline pricing works We’ve probably all experienced it, you book in your tickets for your dream holiday only to check prices a week a later and realise you could have saved a hundred dollars or more if you’d waited a few extra days. There seems to be very little rhyme or reason since the product we’re paying for is exactly the same! The mathematics behind it, as determined by airline computer software focuses on two goals: Reduce the number of empty seats on any flight Maximise the total net revenue for flight A third consideration for any airline is to encourage customer loyalty and move passengers away from other carriers. With these goals in mind, airline ticket prices vary from day to day and even hour to hour. The process of finding the cheapest fare between any two destinations considering all the parameters used in pricing is, according to some expert mathematicians, an intractable problem – in that no solution can be produced in any finite amount of time! What you can do While finding the absolute cheapest...

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On to Ometepe

Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua We got a fresh start on December 1 out of San Juan del Sur, juiced up at Margarita’s restaurant and hopped on the chicken bus, like in the movies, right as it pulled out of town. We slumped into a sticky plastic seat and low and behold, our Japanese surfing friend was sitting across the aisle. ¨Hey! How have you been?¨ He asked. ¨Well….¨ We told him what happened during the twenty-four hours since we had last seen him. ¨Oh. I´m sorry to hear that,” he said. “Did they let you keep your memory card?¨ Somehow it´s so easy to cross between serious and comical and his comment was just enough to push us over into laughter. The memory was still too fresh in my mind and I flashed back to the terrifying moment the men advanced on us, covered their faces with their t-shirts, and flashed the foot-long butcher knives. ¨No, surprisingly they didn´t give us that option.¨ In Rivas we got off the bus in the middle of what I see as chaos, but is actually the open market. ¨¿Donde esta la iglesia?¨ The answer came in the form of “4 north, 2 east” which meant we responded by going in the direction where he pointed, and turning in the direction where he pointed. Once in front of the church we marveled at...

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Friends and Foes

  We have been lucky in many ways so far in Central America, the first being that my Costa Rican friend, Jorge, picked us up from the airport.  I guess because I was raised in a small town, I noticed quickly how houses had fences around the properties securing them from the street and people passing outside.  I couldn´t help but wish it didn´t have to be this way, though it led me to enjoy the feeling of discovery once inside my friends house even more.  Other worlds existed behind the simple appearance from the street. The first morning, Jorge´s mother, Maria, took us to a park to see flora and fauna of Costa Rica.  To get there we walked on the skinny shoulder of a main road where cars were driving from San Jose in to Heredia.   “The Costa Ricans have pledged to take care of the wildlife here,” Maria said while cars zoomed by on the hot black road.  It seemed to me that she was not afraid of anything.  She continued the talk while dump trucks down shifted and pulled up the hill.  We approached a bridge and the luxury of a sidewalk. Maria stopped us for a moment on the bridge and we looked below at a shack.  All I could see was a rippled tin roof and other pieces of metal puzzled together,...

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