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4 Must-Attend Festivals in Spain

4 Must-Attend Festivals in Spain Almost every town and city in Spain celebrates a festival or two each year, which means you’re certain to run into one whenever you visit. Some Spanish festivals are especially spectacular. Though they attract a lot of tourists, scheduling your visit around one of these festivals will kick off your Spanish vacation with vigor. Food, drink, and pyrotechnics characterize many of Spain’s festivals. Find a traditional celebration or one that’s completely off the wall. Las Fallas in Valencia Image via Flickr by Alessandro Loss Every year from March 15 to 19, travelers from all...

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A Look at the Best UK National Parks to Spot Wildlife

Many people traveling to the UK usually just stick to the capital cities and historic attractions, often forgetting how generous Mother Nature has been to this beautiful land. The country is rich in magnificent landscapes and wildlife, just perfect for those who are looking for a back-to-nature family vacation. Below we’ll have a look at the best UK national parks to spot wildlife. The Broads The Broads is Britain’s largest nationally protected wetland, a unique mosaic of rivers, lakes, gentle landscape, and picturesque towns. Despite the fact that it comprises only 0.1% of the UK’s territory, the park gives...

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What you need to know for traveling Kuta Bali Indonesia

Traveling Kuta Bali Indonesia wasn’t always so popular. Beautiful weather, gorgeous sand, and a plethora of accommodation choices have led it to become a leader in Asian tourism. It even made our Top 6 Reasons to Visit Indonesia. Here’s the Why, How, and What to do when traveling Kuta Bali Indonesia. Why Travel to Kuta Bali The fantastic beach is the main draw to Kuta. Its popularity has grown exponentially for a number of reasons. The first is the fact that Bali became so famous. Through travel literature, gorgeous photos, and word-of-mouth, Bali’s reputation grew as an island with a distinct culture and lots of other things tourists like. The food is delicious and beer is cheap and plentiful. The tourism infrastructure is very developed with a variety of different priced hotels. The people are friendly. And the overall value is excellent–you get a lot for what you pay for. Plus it’s accessible. Kuta is close to the airport and Bali is reachable with a number of international flights. How to Travel in Kuta Bali Direct flights arrive at Bali’s airport from over a dozen countries. With a transfer in Singapore or Jakarta, you could get in from around the world. Public buses aren’t too common in Bali, so most tourists take a taxi from the airport. Be warned, the traffic is usually very heavy. Although Kuta isn’t very...

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10 tips for people to travel Dubai on a budget

Luxurious 7-star hotels, limousines, lip-smacking food and world class luxurious shopping, Dubai is definitely not among the first choices of the budget travelers. Not everyone can afford to stay in 5-star hotels and savor the luxury that Dubai is famed for! Even though Dubai has a reputation of being one of the most expensive cities in the world, you can still explore Dubai without having scores of dollars in your bank accounts. There are several things to do and see in Dubai for a budget traveler; and trust us it will be no less of an experience. Here’s 10...

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5 Things You Need to Do and Try in Manila

The Philippines are commonly known from travel journals and magazines as the land of a real wildlife because there are more than 7,000 islands from which only 880 are populated. But no less interesting than visiting beautiful and vivid jungles and beaches is a visit the capital city of Manila, which is also known as the Eastern Pearl. Here people are not afraid of storms and typhoons, and children in the streets still look curiously at foreigners. But what to do and see in this wonderful town? Cheap hotels booking professionals from Travel Ticker are going to share a short...

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