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Writer’s Guidelines:

GoMad Nomad Travel Mag is looking for independent-minded travelers to submit articles.

If you wander the earth with curiosity and cultural sensitivity and have a talent for writing, we want to hear from you.

We welcome unsolicited article submissions. To submit your piece on speculation to GoMad Nomad Travel Mag, please send your manuscripts to  Stephen Bugno  Or pitch an article idea to the editor.


We pay $25 per article on publication.

*Guest Posts are accepted from bloggers. See below.


Gomad Nomad Travel Mag publishes articles in the following categories:


  • Lesser-known destinations
  • A new take on a popular place
  • Expensive places on a budget
  • 700-1200 words

Stories from the Road

  • travel narratives (1000-2000 words)
  • travel essays  (700-1200 words)
  • short travel notes or sketches (400-800 words)

The Practical Traveler

  • Practical/Information based articles about (800-1500 words):  Travel advice or tips
    1. working, volunteering, and  wwoofing abroad
    2. vagabonding and hitchhiking
  • Popular GoMad Nomad Columns
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    2. Your Guide to …
    3. How to Save money in …
    4. What it Costs: A Day of Travel in …
    5. Top Ten …. Foods

Traveler’s Desk

  • Travel Book Reviews

Photo of the Week

  • One striking image and at least 350 words
  • *Due to low word count, we are unable to pay for Photo of the Week submissions


Guest Posts

Bloggers looking to submit Guest Posts may do so. Your blogs name and link will be featured before the article.

*Guest posts from travel bloggers are unpaid.