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Witness Korea’s living traditions and long history, majestic architecture, rugged mountains, and some of the world’s most delicious food

April 16-27, 2017
(12 days & 11 nights)

korea small group tour

Experience the best that Korea has to offer: a rich history, living culture, insightful museums, pulsating cities, and a taste of the world-famous Korean cuisine. South Korea truly is a swirl of ancient ways meeting modernity and with us you’ll experience this county from a local perspective. From beyond the typical tourist path, we’ll show you old neighborhoods and the best markets, explain the nuances of Korean culture, and dig into a wide variety of Korean favorite foods.

Day 1 Arrival | 
Welcome meal in the evening. Accommodation is included this night.

Day 2-4 Seoul | 
Dive into South Korea’s political and commercial heart. Here you’ll tour colorful palaces, wander through traditional neighborhood markets, do some urban hiking, check out the shopping scene, and sample the city’s delicious street food.

Day 5 Jirisan National Park and Templestay | 
Further south, we venture into one of the sacred mountains of Korea and some of its most scenic territory. We’ll save the mountain climbing for another time (see “add on” to Seoroksan National Park below) and instead focus on Hwaeomsa Temple. Here Korean history, culture, and tradition have been preserved as well as Buddha’s teachings. At Hwaeomsa we’ll do a Temple Stay to experience a traditional Buddhist monk’s life. Give your chaotic mind a rest and discover your true self amidst incredible natural surroundings.


Day 6-7 Yeosu | 
After getting our Zen, we’ll travel to the beautiful port city of Yeosu. Here we’ll explore the history of one of Korea’s most famous seaman- Admiral Yi. The following day we’ll venture out onto the sea ourselves to Dadohae National Park. This marine park encompasses about 1,700 islands and a whole lot of nice scenery.

Day 8 Busan | 
Next up is Korea’s second city: Busan. Here we’ll hit the highlights that make this huge port city tick. If you love seafood, Busan is your place to indulge. We’ll browse for live seafood at Jagalchi market and then have the hoe (raw fish) prepared straight away. Busan is also home to Korea’s best-known beach. In the evening they’ll be time for street snacks, shopping, bar-hopping, or just strolling around.

Day 9-10 Gyeongju |
Gyeongju is Korea’s ancient cultural city and the former capital of the once mighty Silla Kingdom. Here we’ll see royal tombs, burial mounds, historic artifacts, traditional architecture, and an excellent museum and more.


Day 11 Andong | 
Next we’ll visit this historically conservative and traditional stronghold of Confucianism. First stop: Hahoe Village. This is the best-kept of traditional villages and maintains the lifestyle and housing that was once typical in rural Korea. Next up is the magnificent Dosan Seowan, founded by one of the country’s two most important Confucian scholars. Here you’ll witness the exemplary representation of classical Confucian architecture.

Day 12 Return to Seoul | 
Tour finishes. Accommodation is not provided this night. If you are staying longer in Seoul we’re happy to help you with any accommodation booking or sightseeing tips. Or join us for our add on weekend hiking trip to Seoraksan National Park, starting on the following day.

Korean Food

The Cost



  • Admissions to all included attractions and sights
  • Eleven (11) nights of accommodations
  • All transportation within South Korea (Excluding airport transfer)
  • At least one (1) meal a day
  • Welcome meals


Not included:

  • You will be responsible for some meals. Budget between $5-8 per meal
  • Air tickets to and from Korea
  • Visa (if necessary; most countries are visa-free to enter South Korea)
  • Travel/health insurance (Browse policies at World Nomads, our recommended travel insurance provider.)



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