Author: Micayla Gilligan

What to See on the Olympic Peninsula: Breathtaking Sights Northwest of Seattle

What to See on the Olympic Peninsula Flying into Seattle is where the fun begins in the Pacific Northwest (PNW).   Seattle’s rainy city reputation can’t be taken seriously when sitting outside overlooking the Puget Sound, while eating fresh seafood and drinking a glass of Columbia Valley wine, on a sunny 70-degree day in September.   While the rain definitely has its moments, the city’s mysterious haze offers an enchanting appeal. While exploring Seattle, one might begin their day wandering around Pikes Place Market for hours, dabbling in the wild assortment of food choices—from fresh fruits, fish, vegetables and...

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Why You Should Rent a Car in Norway

Of the three countries that make up Scandinavia, Norway is the one to get lost in, and find oneself along the way. Renting a car is the way to feel this in the most authentic way. Why You Should Rent a Car in Norway There is something about driving the roads of a new place that creates an eager sense of anticipation. Norway offers that, but with a different, more isolated feeling of anxious adrenaline for seeing what is around the next mountain pass or at the end of the next tunnel. Whether it is driving cliff-side roads in the...

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