Author: Michael Bugno

What Would Alaskans do?

A Taste of Alaska I’m a city boy through and through; nothing gets me more excited than the hustle and bustle of the crowds on a New York City street, the smell of roasted peanuts at the Nuts4Nuts cart, or the flashing lights of Broadway in Time Square. I like to be where the action is; however, even I need a break from the city, a city that so enormous that they had to name it twice: NY, NY. Once I decided on a trip to Alaska, I was immediately amazed by how many folks, all from the lower 48, assumed I was going on a cruise. When I thought about cruising Alaska, my mind instantly turned to visions of retirees looking at glaciers through binoculars while standing on the deck of a cruise ship. I wanted an action- packed vacation full of adventure and excitement. I wanted to know the culture, not just the glaciers. So I said to myself, WWAD? (What would Alaskans do?) And so with that in mind, I departed Philadelphia for Anchorage, rented a car, and my adventures began. Acting as an Anchorage Local I arrive late, around dinnertime and what better to do than to head to Humpy’s, a local Anchorage bar. Tonight it’s Little Neck Clams and an Alaskan Amber. Served with a few slices of bread to dip in the broth...

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Your Guide to Not-so-weird Portland, Oregon

By Michael Bugno Upon arrival, I am greeted with a huge brick wall that says, “Keep Portland Weird”. I sort of knew what I was getting into when I read Keep Portland Weird: 5 Crazy things to do in Portland, Oregon. But seriously—whatever happened to arriving in a city and having a Top 10 sights to see? Am I that old fashioned that when I visit a city, I want to see the sights that it’s known for, not the crazies that inhabit it? Donuts and coffee, Portland style   First stop, Voodoo doughnuts. My marketing gears started immediately spinning – I could make this place millions! The line/wait is ridiculous – and it’s only because the folks running the joint are going at a snail’s pace – ah, perhaps this is the New Yorker in me coming out. Slow down, smell the flowers and enjoy life, isn’t that their motto? Reducing the wait time in half could bring this place millions of additional dollars each year! In all my NY haste, I think Voodoo does as well as it does because it’s in OR, perhaps the NYers like me need to sip the Stumptown Coffee and take a chill pill. A Market (that even New York marketers can enjoy)   So, what next, perhaps a jaunt through the Portland Saturday Market? It was tons of fun – I...

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