Author: Michael Ward

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Clear Skies and Hefeweizen Haze: Hiking in the Austrian Alps

Clear Skies and Hefeweizen Haze: Hiking in the Austrian Alps

The Audi A4 screamed down the Autobahn at more than 120 miles per hour, punching a tunnel through the early morning mist that coated the Bavarian countryside. With each minute we were a couple miles closer to four days of hiking in the Austrian Alps. Curiously, of the three Germans and one American writer in the car, only one had ever heard of The Sound of Music. Olaf pressed the accelerator closer to the floor, the speedometer’s needle inched passed 130, and I felt my lips curl into a grin. Audi? Autobahn? 130 mph? These are a few of...

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Horsing Around the Other Inca Trail

“Where are the horses?” our guide Albizú Segovia asked, a beige hat shading his perpetually youthful face from the Andean sun. “They didn’t follow us,” my girlfriend Katharina and I explained. Albizú looked down at the ground before taking off back up the path alone.   A few minutes later, the thunder of hoofbeats against the dust. Suddenly, we found ourselves in a stampede with the usual Andean suspects: a cow, horse, a laden burro, and a lamb being driven down the trail by a brown skinned cowboy in a sweater vest and baseball cap. They swooped around us...

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