Author: Tuve Floden

What to See in Algiers, Algeria

What to See in Algiers The Rich History of Algiers A visit to Algiers is a walk through the twists and turns of the city’s complex history. While Algeria gained independence from France in 1962, traces of this time and earlier eras still mix with modern life. The ruins of an expansive Roman outpost –Tipaza– lie a short distance from the capital, while inside Algiers, a modern seaside promenade with a towering Ferris wheel attracts as much attention as Ottoman architecture or statues and gardens from the French period.  In recent years, Algeria has focused more on its tourist...

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6 Must-See Sights on the Road to Tatev, Armenia

6 Must-See Sights on the Road to Tatev, Armenia The drive from Yerevan to Tatev, in southeastern Armenia, offers an incredible array of historic and natural sites, culminating in the ancient monastery complex atop high cliffs. Whether you rent a car or hire a driver to take you, driving from the Armenian capital gives one the luxury of stopping at these six amazing sights on the road to Tatev. Armenian grapes, photo by Narek75 at Wikimedia Commons The Wineries of Areni As you drive from Yerevan, the main highway passes directly through Armenian wine country and the small town...

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