Dear GoMad Nomad,

I read a lot about traveling to countries that are inexpensive for travelers. Is it good enough reason to go to a country just because it’s cheap? And what are some of your favorite cheap countries in the world to travel?

–Rori in Ottawa, Canada

Travel to Cheap Countries

Dear Rori,


Throughout my travels, I have visited plenty of cheap countries. There are lots of places where your money goes a long way and have interesting cultures, beautiful nature, and delicious food as well.


I believe you should have some kind of interest in a country before deciding to travel there, even if it’s just curiosity. Some countries may be cheap, but are not necessarily interesting for tourists nor do they have an infrastructure for tourism. There are lots of countries that are both popular with travelers and cheap.


It’s also important not to cancel out your dreams of visiting countries perceived to be expensive. For years I avoided visiting Japan, Norway, and Switzerland. After traveling to those places, they ended up high on my list of world’s favourite places.


A few of my favorite cheap places to travel:


Laos:  Read What it Costs: A Day in Laos


Yunnan Province (China): Read What it Costs: A Day in Yunnan


Vietnam: What a $1.25 gets you in Vietnam


Indonesia: Read more articles about Indonesia


Nepal:  Read more articles about Nepal


Peru: Read more about Peru


Egypt: Read more about Egypt


One travel writer has dedicated a whole book to traveling to cheap countries. I reviewed the book for GoMad Nomad. Check out Tim Leffel’s: The World’s Cheapest Destinations: 21 Countries Where your Money is Worth a Fortune.


Besides cheap countries, there are plenty of countries that I categorize as good value destinations. These countries are not especially cheap, but you still get a lot for your money.


My favorite good-value destinations are:








Tell me your favorite budget-friendly countries in the comments below.