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A Few Words About Nara Park in Japan

Nara Park in Japan Japan is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. There are many interesting things to see and to do in the country. That’s why millions of travelers arrive in Japan each year. Go visit Visa Express to get your travel visa to Japan.  One of the great places Japan offers to visitors is Nara Park. The space of this place is extremely large, considering the country’s territory and conditions. There are various animal species in the park, and they enjoy a beautiful landscape with different water resources, trees, and remarkable plants.  Unforgettable Tourist Experience Nara Park provides an amazing tourist experience because the visitors have a chance to come in near contact with some of the species that live in the site.  However, this place is important for various other reasons. It is, for example, the oldest park of this type in Japan. The place was established in 1880, and it has been successfully operating since that time.  National Museum and Todaji-ji Temple The National Museum and Todaji-ji Temple are also part of this place. So you can visit them too while walking through the park. The objects also have a lot to offer. There are various interesting showpieces inside so you can enjoy watching these. Also, it is the home of the large Buddha statue. The monument is 15 meters tall,...

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Your Winter Guide to Fairbanks Alaska

Your Winter Guide to Fairbanks Alaska It takes a special kind of intrepid traveler to go to Fairbanks, Alaska in winter. I never thought I had it in me. But if you wait until March, when temperatures start to get milder, Fairbanks’ winter starts to resemble more of the winter weather you might be used to. But then again, regular winter is not what you’re coming for. You came for an extraordinary winter. And nobody does winter better than Fairbanks! One of the main draws here is the Aurora Borealis, also known as the northern lights. It’s out from late August to late April. Winter sports are also popular: cross-country skiing, fat biking, and dog mushing. If it gets too cold, visit one of Fairbanks’ many excellent museums. When is the best time to go to Fairbanks in Winter? If you don’t mind the extreme cold and darkness, then December, January, or February could work. I prefer March, but so do many other people. It is one of the busy seasons here. Winter Guide to Fairbanks Alaska What to See Fountainhead Auto Museum You didn’t expect to see an auto museum in Fairbanks and you wouldn’t expect it to be this good, either. The Fountainhead Auto Museum receives almost perfect reviews online and ours is no different. This is an extraordinary collection of automobiles from 1889 to the 1930s....

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What To Do In Mexico City For An Unforgettable Week

The following guest post is from Cata who’s been traveling the world for the past 6 years. She’s founder and lead travel planner of Chica Travels. What To Do In Mexico City For An Unforgettable Week Mexico City is one of the cities that has surprised me the most. Not only because of the tacos and margaritas – there are better local drinks – but also for the number of interesting things to do. The Mexican culinary scene is huge and the Aztec ruins around the city are unique, and add the countless museums, expansive green parks, really nice people,...

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Visiting Zadar Croatia On A Budget

The following guest post is from Anna Timbrook who chronicles her travel experiences on Expert World Travel Visiting Zadar Croatia On A Budget It’s often said that Croatia’s most beautiful city on the Adriatic coast is Zadar. And we couldn’t agree more; with a stunning old town that lies on a peninsula and offers spectacular sea views no matter where you look, there’s definitely something enchanting about this coastal city.  What makes Zadar even better is that you can explore it without breaking the bank. It’s not really an expensive city by Croatian standards, and nowhere near as pricey...

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Why Kerala should be your first trip to India

Why Kerala should be your first trip to India God’s Own Country is Human by Nature Like everything about India, the memories of my first trip there are so vivid. It was 17 years ago in the region of Kerala and I wouldn’t have wanted to start in any other place. The first thing to know about India is its immense physical and cultural diversity. This is a country that spans from glaciers to coconut palms and has speakers of 780 languages within its borders. You can’t see all of India on one trip and people have spent lifetimes...

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