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Visiting Zadar Croatia On A Budget

The following guest post is from Anna Timbrook who chronicles her travel experiences on Expert World Travel Visiting Zadar Croatia On A Budget It’s often said that Croatia’s most beautiful city on the Adriatic coast is Zadar. And we couldn’t agree more; with a stunning old town that lies on a peninsula and offers spectacular sea views no matter where you look, there’s definitely something enchanting about this coastal city.  What makes Zadar even better is that you can explore it without breaking the bank. It’s not really an expensive city by Croatian standards, and nowhere near as pricey...

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Why Kerala should be your first trip to India

Why Kerala should be your first trip to India God’s Own Country is Human by Nature Like everything about India, the memories of my first trip there are so vivid. It was 17 years ago in the region of Kerala and I wouldn’t have wanted to start in any other place. The first thing to know about India is its immense physical and cultural diversity. This is a country that spans from glaciers to coconut palms and has speakers of 780 languages within its borders. You can’t see all of India on one trip and people have spent lifetimes...

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The Three Best Places to Dive Ethically with Sharks

The Three Best Places to Dive Ethically with Sharks This guest post comes to us from Casper Ohm, editor-in-chief at, who is writing to raise awareness of the alarming levels of water pollution in our planet’s oceans. What is Ethical Shark Diving? With the impacts of climate change being felt all over the world, the awareness of human impacts on our planet has grown rapidly. Ethical shark diving is a practical application of that awareness in order to reduce the harm human activity has on shark populations.  Sharks have suffered a catastrophic decline in population over the past...

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How to Visit Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia

How to Visit Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia Sidi Bou Said is a gorgeous, well-preserved village in Tunisia that is now an exclusive place to own property as well as a popular attraction for residents of Tunis and foreign travelers. It is an easy half-day trip from Tunis.  Getting to Sidi Bou Said Getting to Sidi Bou Said is easy. From anywhere in Tunis take the metro to Tunis Marine and transfer to the commuter rail. The commuter rail runs from Tunis in about 30 minutes and costs 700 millime (.7 TD) which is about 25 cents (.25 USD). My...

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Made in Korea – stunning video from the Land of the Morning Calm

Journey with filmmaker Daniel Kemeys as he visits Korea for the first time with his girlfriend who is returning home to visit family. See more of Daniel’s films on Vimeo, and follow him on Instagram @kemeys and Twitter @danielkemeys Made in Korea from Daniel Kemeys on Vimeo. Once a year, my girlfriend, Hana, goes home to Jeju Island in South Korea to visit her family for Christmas. I went along with my camera. I knew I wanted to document our trip for the entire duration, for my friends and family members who will never go to that side of...

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