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The Best Group Escapes Near Miami

While Miami has an invigorating environment enough to keep the tourists in its grasp, there are a few day trips and weekend getaways near the Magic City one should escape to, especially when in a large group. The sunshine state of Florida is filled with beaches and water activities that are hard to resist and the best way to travel along the state for a fun group trip is to charter a Miami mini coach bus rental. Whether it is the silence that you crave for or an amusement that impresses all age groups, Florida has got it covered. If the party atmosphere and the Art Deco buildings of Miami don’t excite you, check out the following places for an amazing group getaway.   Everglades National Park Located within an hour away from Miami downtown, Everglades National Park is the largest bioreserve in south Florida. It technically stands as a border between three different cities whose entrances are not interconnected via the National Park. An entrance fee of $75 will give your minibus access to the park for seven consecutive days. Once in the park, you can indulge in outdoor activities such as kayaking, hiking, canoeing, camping, and fishing. Entering through the Shark Valley, you will pass through alligator farms and many hiking and biking trails. Note that advance reservations are recommended for a wildlife tour in the National...

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Where to find the Best Coffee in Bucharest Romania

Best Coffee in Bucharest Romania With this guide, the best coffee in Bucharest is easy to find…The coffee scene of Bucharest, Romania may surprise you. A number of top-quality coffee specialists have sprung up in the past few years. The scene is so good that a Romanian barista I talked to was actually disappointed by the coffee culture in Berlin, where he’s been upping the quality of Berlin’s brews for the past few months. Although I’m a reformed caffeine junkie, I do partake in a good coffee now and again when the occasion calls for it. I just don’t overdo it like I used...

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Discovering Bolivia – Why We Spent Over a Month Exploring this Incredible Country 

The following is a guest post from Will & Melissa, a British couple who blog at ‘All Of The Gear No Idea’. Follow their journey through South America on Instagram. Things to do in Bolivia All too often Bolivia is considered as a second choice country, somewhere you may only go if you have a desire to travel the whole of South America and unlimited time to do so. This is a shame as Bolivia is a country full of unique culture, stunning landscapes and unforgettable experiences all for a fraction of the price of its neighboring countries. From...

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What to See and Do in Myanmar

What to See and Do in Myanmar What to See and do in Myanmar? You’ve landed in the right place.  After my second trip to Myanmar, I’ve seen some of the best that the country has to offer. Even though I love Malaysia and Thailand, I’d probably consider Myanmar the best overall travel experience in southeast Asia. Here’s what to See and Do in Myanmar: Walk around Yangon Although it’s the obvious starting point for a trip to Myanmar, most travelers don’t linger here. For me, it’s one of the most interesting cities in southeast Asia. It doesn’t have a lot of traditional...

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The Benefits of a Homestay while Traveling

The Benefits of a Homestay while Traveling The following is a guest post from Street & Documentary Photographer, Sebastian Jacobitz, who blogs at Streetbounty. There are many different accommodation options during your travels. From classic hotels to modern alternatives like Couchsurfing or Airbnb. While hotels try to offer some sort of quality standard, they are also often the most expensive choice. To save some money and gather great experiences, I decided to live with a local family for five weeks in the Indonesian jungle. Choosing a “homestay” was the best decision I made for that trip and the memories will forever be...

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