Auckland – The Adventure Seeker’s Wonderland

Bungee on Auckland Sky Tower


Auckland is renowned for having the largest metropolitan area of New Zealand. The iconic buildings and other landmarks in the city are not only for admiring from far and taking great pictures. They make perfect hotspots to throw one off, speeding down at unimaginable speeds and hanging on the edge of. Furthermore, the city’s close proximity to wilderness further makes it a hub for a variety of outdoor sporting activities.


If you are looking for some thrilling activities to pursue during your trip to Auckland, here is a low down on some of the best experiences worth considering –

  • Throwing Yourself off the Sky Tower

Gawk at one of the best views of the city before you take the leap off the iconic Sky Tower in Auckland. Considered one of New Zealand’s tallest buildings, jumping off this tower with only a harness and a wire is a sure shot way to get the adrenalin levels surge through your body. The free fall is about 11 seconds long at about 85 km p/h before you make a soft landing on the Sky City Plaza just under.

  • Taking the 360 Degree around the Sky Tower

Not a fun experience for those afraid of heights, another unique way to enjoy the city’s skyline is by taking a walk around the upper edge of the Sky Tower. Also considered the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere, this 192 meter tower comes with no handrails to hold on to. Fortunately, sky walkers will be clipped onto a harness. True adventure lovers even choose to balance their heels on the edge with their back to the long drop.

  • New Zealand’s only Ocean Touch Bungee

Drive to the city’s Harbor Bridge to experience the country’s only ocean touch bungee jump. With a chance to dip your head and shoulders into the water, adventure seekers find this experience to be a rather refreshing one. Thrill seekers are given freedom to choose between an ankle tie, tandem or harness. The best time to sign up for this experience is during the sunset when the city is just about lighting up as you take the leap.


In addition to this, you may also want to sign up for the Auckland Bridge Climb, the jet ski experience or a skydiving trip. With the help of a reliable car rental service such as that offered by Hertz, getting around Auckland to optimize your time here proves to be a convenient and comfortable solution.

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