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How to save money on a trip to the US

How to save money on a trip to the US Your next trip to the US doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are some money-saving tips that will be kind on your balance.   Plan well in advance Our first tip may be a no-brainer, but we can’t stress enough just how much money you can save if you book well in advance. For trips to the US, you’re most likely to save in the prime booking window of 21 to 112 days before your trip. Of course, the earlier you book, the cheaper your flights and accommodation is going to be.   Consider an indirect flight If you’re really trying to stick to a budget, then an indirect flight might be a great option for you. Waiting around the departure lounge for a number of hours may be a hassle, but it’ll definitely save you a fair amount of cash.   Be careful when using price comparison websites Price comparison websites are a godsend for those looking to book a trip to the US, and while it’s true that they can save you, money comparisons can sometimes be misleading. Be aware that although a company might be boasting the lowest price, it may be able to do this by stripping away certain extras, such as insurance cover, in the same vein as a cheap, no-frills airline.  ...

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Eight Unmissable Experiences in Vienna

Eight Unmissable Experiences in Vienna   Austria’s capital is home to almost two million people, and boasts beautiful architecture, amazing food and one of the richest cultural histories of any city in Europe. Yet it is often overlooked by backpackers and tourists. Here, we give our top eight reasons why Vienna should form a part of your European tour.   1) A night at the opera   There are some things that transcend traditional musical taste. Even if you are usually more into The Magic Numbers than The Magic Flute, you can’t visit the city where Mozart spent so much of his all too brief life without spending one evening drinking in the sheer experience of a night at the Viennese opera. Sites like can provide everything you need.   2) A day at the beach   From the sublime to the ridiculous? Austria might be landlocked, but it has a growing beach culture along the banks of the Danube. For added adventure, head for the nudist beaches, marked “FKK” on the maps.   3) On your bike   Vienna has more than 1,000 KM of cycle paths throughout the city, and there really is no better way of getting around and seeing the sights. There is an excellent and inexpensive bike rental scheme called Citybike, where you can collect and drop off your wheels to and from...

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Exploring Highway 395 – The Eastern Sierra Scenic Byway

Exploring the Highlights of Highway 395 – The Eastern Sierra Scenic Byway The Sierra Nevada Mountains are California’s backbone and the Eastern Sierra Scenic Byway which runs east of the Sierra Nevada range is one of California’s most spectacular drives. From Inyo-Kern County to Lake Tahoe you will have endless views of majestic, snow-capped peaks towering outside your vehicle window. This is where you can see (or hike) Mt Whitney, America’s highest peak in the lower 48 and also visit North America’s lowest point at Badwater Basin in the same day. The area boasts endless outdoor opportunities for hikers,...

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8 Popular Man-made Lakes in India

8 Popular Man-made Lakes in India The man-made lakes in India offer some of the most beautiful examples of what mankind is capable of and are places of incredible serenity and great beauty.  Here are eight of the most popular tourist man-made lakes in India which are worth a visit. Bhojtal Lake Bhojtal Lake is a huge and magnificent body of water located in Madhya Pradesh and is a spectacular sight. Lying on the western side of Bhopal, there are facilities available to visitors for water sports by the club that have been established near the lake. The views...

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King of the Campers: Gadgets and Apps to Improve your Outdoor Experience

King of the Campers: Gadgets and Apps to Improve your Outdoor Experience There are many advantages to the outdoors. It allows for exercise, fresh air, and time with family and friends. The experience is improved with the use of gadgets and tech tools. Be crowned the king of all campers once you get your hands on the latest. Solar Grill While many things are better experienced au naturel, some foods cannot be consumed raw or are better eaten grilled. However, it’s a hassle to bring along a gas tank. Also, a battery-powered cooking device is useless when you forget the batteries. However, your sun-powered grill can cook fish and warm beans without gas or batteries. Tree Tent Some don’t like the idea of sleeping on the ground. Others may be wary of the presence of bears. A tree tent solves both issues. Suspend the tent between two trees. Take note of the weight it can handle. Such a device also works well in entertaining kids who come with mom and dad to watch their sibling’s outdoor sports games. Weather App Knowledge of the weather is incredibly beneficial for campers. Do you need to bring raingear or should you make more room in the SUV for water sports equipment? Stay on top of the weather now and for the next seven days with this weather app. Aqua Toilet Tissue This...

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