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Top 25 Things to do in Tucson, Arizona

The following is a contribution from Jan, who blogs at The Crazy Tourist. Follow his journey on Facebook.   Top 25 Things to do in Tucson, Arizona Tucson, home to the University of Arizona, sits in Arizona’s imposing Sonoran Desert which is surrounded by plentiful mountain ranges. Its Spanish name, Tucsón, derives from the name Cuk Ṣon meaning ‘at the base of the black hill’ and was chosen by its original native inhabitants, the O’Odham Indians. The city is second in size to Arizona’s capital, Phoenix, with an approximate population, as of 2013, of nearly a million. About 150...

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So You’ve Never Heard of Reunion Island?

Lindsay Polega is a travel blogger and adventure enthusiast currently based out of Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean. Her past travels have taken her through Europe, across Canada and the U.S., and into many oceans. If you would like to follow her adventures, or take a peek into her past ones, visit her blog at, follow her on Twitter at @GrOwWithLindsay, and on Instagram at @lindsaypolega.   So You’ve Never Heard of Reunion Island? If you’ve never heard of Reunion Island, don’t be ashamed, not many English speakers have.  In fact, you’ve probably only heard of this...

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10 Things Awesome Male Travelers do for Solo Female Travelers

When I talk about Igloo with male friends I usually get one of three reactions: The supportive but not that interested: “Oh, that’s cool (pause) … you know I … (change subject)” The defensive / bewildered: “Why do you need to empower women to travel?” The feeling left out: “So men can’t be part of it?” In answer to the second, we wrote this blog post. If you’re not familiar with the idea that public spaces are ostensibly a man’s domain then this article is a handy overview. Practically speaking, it means that as a woman I tend to...

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5 Things You'll Miss Most About Shanghai

The following guest post is from Alexander Barrett, who recently published This is Shanghai, a guide to living in the world’s most populous city. Alexander is a writer and illustrator who is constantly baffled by the human experience. From his home in Shanghai, China, he uses ink and words to try to make sense of it all. He is rarely successful, but his work has appeared all over the internet, the streets, and the TVs of North America and Asia.   I was only supposed to be in Shanghai for two months. My sister moved to China and I...

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Old Meets New in Seoul, Korea

  The following post is a special guest post from Mike Swig of Mike is an American travel writer, photographer and recent MBA graduate. He has traveled to over 55 countries around the world and documents his adventure along the way.   Flash to the Past Venturing to Dongmyo, Gwangjang and Seun for the first time since moving to Seoul was an interesting experience. After my friends and I ate copious amounts of Indian food from a nearby restaurant we took a short walk to the Dongmyo flea market. The market is located near exit 3 of Dongmyo...

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