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A Look at Five of America’s Best Road Trip Routes

A Look at Five of America’s Best Road Trip Routes The United States’ vast territory offers some of the world’s most breathtaking road trip routes. We review five of our favorites which are bound to pique your interest. Be warned: those will make you want to hop on the first available flight and hit the appropriate interstate in an open-top hire. Florida: The Overseas Highway When you first get on Route 1 between the mainland and Key Largo, your trust in our road trip advice may well be shaken, but once you get there and drive on through Islamorada...

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5 Affordable Places to Visit in the Philippines

5 Affordable Places to Visit in the Philippines A lot of people think traveling is only for the rich and famous. But, if you really want to travel, don’t let financial circumstances stop you. In this article, I share with you how I was able to travel two of the world’s best beaches for under PHP 10K (Philippine Pesos) ($200 USD).  *1 USD = 50 PHP I’ve always had a penchant for traveling. While many perceive it as a luxury, I have made it my mission to redefine its status quo and travel within a budget. In my blog,...

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10 Street Foods in Italy You Have To Try

The following is a guest post from Alice Ross: travel blogger, world adventurer, and life lover. She blogs at  10 Street Foods in Italy You Have To Try Going to Italy isn’t only about seeing top-notch art, getting your skin tanned and salty on the beaches of Riviera, and walking around the cobblestone streets in its remarkable cities. Going to Italy is also about enjoying the delicious foods the country offers. And if you’re looking to try some real Italian food, you do not have to break your bank to make a reservation in one of their Michelin-starred restaurants: if you...

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27 Days Rafting The Source Of The Amazon

The following guest post was written by Paul from Superlative Journey. He went to Canada in May 2016 to become a raft guide and is now working the ski season at Whitewater ski resort. “I’m living, learning and loving the journey. I hope to inspire you, so you will head off on your own Superlative Journey.” 27 Days Rafting The Source Of The Amazon Whitewater rafting is pretty great, if you have ever been I am sure you agree with me. Exciting times shared with friends and lots of laughter. On top of that add in the joys of...

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5 Great Reasons to Travel by Bus through the United States

Reasons to Travel by Bus through the United States 1) Save Money Buses are more cost-effective compared to renting a car or taking the train. In the old days you just had Greyhound, but now there are plenty more companies, especially on common commuting routes between big east coast cities like Washington, DC, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston. Now you’ve got MegaBus and Boltbus just to name two. If you order early enough you may be able to snag a $1 fare, as some advertise. 2) The Convenience Bus times aren’t always convenient in the US, but that doesn’t mean ordering tickets can’t be easy. With bus schedules now easily accessible on the Internet, it couldn’t be easier to find which bus is the best for you. Distances are great in the US and it’s advisable to break your trip into as many segments as possible. This will ensure your bus changes are fewer. You’ll also get to stop and see more interesting places along the way. If you are going between major cities, like Boston to New York, or San Diego to Los Angeles, bus times will be more frequent. 3) Meet Locals Riding buses is a good way to mix with locals and meet other travelers. This helps you get to know a place better. People in the United States are generally friendly and talkative and they...

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