Top 10 Swiss Foods

In midst of the Alps, cows graze peacefully on evergreen fields. Farmers breathe in the crisp mountain air as they herd their sheep to be fed. This is Switzerland. A paradise not only of political neutrality, but also of locally grown foods. If anything is imported, it’s only the highest quality. Got your mouth watering? Take a look at the following specialties, and you’ll be sure to head to Switzerland soon.

Käsefondue (cheese fondue)

Cheese fondue
Come hungry, because a cheese fondue is not a small snack. Best consumed in a group, the Käsefondue involves dipping bread and vegetables in a large, heated pot filled with cheese. The true Swiss will first drench the bread in Kirschwasser, a cherry-based alcoholic beverage. Be careful though, you can get drunk very fast…




Another treat based on melted cheese, the raclette is also interactive. Small pans are filled with potatoes and vegetables, with cheese on top. The latter slowly melts as the pans are heated. It’s great because each person can choose exactly what they want, and how much. Although it’s sure to be a lot, since it’s absolutely delicious!



Are we noticing an obsession with cheese? Yes; it is the local specialty after all. This dish is the Swiss reply to “mac and cheese”: pasta topped with potatoes and applesauce. Available at countless mountain huts for carb-loading hikers, it’s sure to give you an energy boost.



Taking a long trek and don’t have a kitchen on the way? Don’t despair, just take a silserli with you. The freshly baked bread made of pretzel dough tastes great on its own!

Zürcher Geschnetzeltes


Enough cheese and bread. With this treat from Zurich, you’ll finally get some meat on the table. Typically prepared with veal, Zürcher Geschnetzeltes is made of thin strips of meat, covered in a creamy sauce which sometimes contains mushrooms.


The perfect accompaniment for Zürcher Geschnetzeltes. Rösti are roughly grated potatoes, fried in either butter or some other source of fat. Often served with fried eggs, they’re a great option for vegetarians, too!


i love natural light

What a way to start the day. This Swiss cereal is packed with oats, nuts, and dried fruit, all mixed together with tasty yogurt. Though typical for breakfast, it can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Just make sure you a get the fresh version; the already mixed supermarket kind just doesn’t do it justice.



Ok, it’s a beverage not a dish. But the mixture of apple juice and sparkling water is so integral to Swiss eateries that it is worth mentioning here. With its refreshing taste, it’s the ideal drink after a day of skiing in the Alps.



Finally, we’ve reached dessert. Prepared by beating egg-whites, meringues are wonderfully light and sugary. It’s almost as if you were nourishing yourself on air, except yummier!


Chocolate, in any imaginable shape or form

Swiss chocolate

Whether a simple bar or a box of exquisite pralines, Swiss chocolate is famous for being the crème de la crème. If you’ve started your trip with a cheese fondue, end it with a chocolate one. The perfect finish to a truly Swiss culinary tour!

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  2. Rivella isn’t apple juice, it’s made from milk whey although you would never know tasting it, it’s really good!

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