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Ask GoMad Nomad: Where to rent in Europe Short Term

Dear GoMad Nomad, I’m a digital nomad and freelancer and looking to change my scenery to get inspired. I’d like to move to Europe for a couple months in the spring. I was thinking about renting a place on Air B&B, HomeAway, or House Trip. I can only stay for three months because I’m a US citizen. After that I must remain outside of Europe for 90 days. My accommodation budget isn’t too hefty; I’ve got to keep it below 400 € per month. Do you have any suggestions? -Kiren from Seattle, WA   Where to rent in Europe...

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“Amsterdam is the greatest city in the world.” With such a recommendation we knew we couldn’t go wrong. We felt we had to break up the trip from Paris to Berlin by stopping in Amsterdam for a couple nights. Our drivers on the way up all had great things to say about the city, they told us about the abundance of just about everything one needs for a good night out. Our main concern to begin with was accommodation. Hostels are ridiculously expensive, couchsurfers are booked weeks in advance during the summer, and parks are few and far between in downtown Amsterdam. Our last driver dropped us off in the center, a short walk from the famous red light district and pointed us towards Zeedijk where a cafe hosts the weekly couchsurfing meet up. We were thinking about fishing for hosts in a last desperate attempt to find someplace warm and civilized to sleep or at least drop some of our luggage. It’s only when we reached the cafe where the local couchsurfers were meeting that we realized that this was not our scene for tonight. Our budget did not allow us to drink in such an establishment and we felt that hanging around awkwardly with empty hands and backpacks lurking for a couch was not the best way to spend our evening. We decided that we could spend...

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Meeting in Sarajevo

We hitched into Sarajevo in separate groups after splitting up in Tirana. Nathan and I had enjoyed the oddest succession of rides and a night in a sixteenth century monastery in the mountains of Montenegro while Aby and Jamie had slept on a bloodstained floor in a dodgy apartment in Durres, the Albanian seaside resort. Our road to Sarajevo had been both comfortable and interesting, from the ten minute ride in a limousine to the mafia pimp’s New Jersey-plated luxury SUV, not to mention the Albanian police car and the Montenegrin fire truck. We got dropped off in the outer suburbs of Sarajevo in the afternoon and started walking towards town. We found a bus that would take us straight to the center of the city but the driver was multiplying the local currency by three to give us a price in Euros instead of dividing it by half. We kept on walking and asking people for directions, refusing to believe those who said it was 10 kilometers away. We kept thinking it would be right around the corner from where we were. Finally after walking for half an hour past buildings bearing the marks of anything from bullets to missiles we experimented with urban hitching. We were picked up rather quickly by a young couple in a pimped out bucket. The owner had obviously found enough money to...

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