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7 Travel Podcasts To Get The Best Travel Tips

The following is a guest post from Emily Henry. Emily is a writer for Academic Writing Service and UK Writings, focusing on travel.

These days there’s a podcast for everything, and travel is no exception. If you want to learn more about a certain country, or just get more tips on travel, then there’s a wealth of podcasts out there for you. Here are some of the best podcasts out there right now, and what they can offer you. 

The Travel Diaries With Holly Rubenstein

If you’ve ever listened to Desert Island Discs, then you’ll have an idea of what this podcast is about. Host Holly Rubenstein talks to celebrity guests, interviewing them about the travel experiences that have shaped them as people. 

There have been some big names on here, such as Michael Palin, Dev Patel, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, and more. You can get to know these celebrities more, along with the countries they’ve visited in the past. 

Wanderlust: Off The Page

This podcast focuses on one country per episode, with the host giving you a deep dive into the area that they’ve been assigned. It allows them to go into deeper detail than they could on the written page, and as such, you’ll be able to enjoy all kinds of facts and interesting things about the country in question. 

For example, the first episode focuses on Austria, with host Helen Moat covering the landscapes of the country and what you can find there. 

Zero To Travel

Host Jason Moore has been traveling the world for 15 years, and so has lots of experience to share with you. He covers how to travel safely, how to budget, and how you can work while on the move. There are lots of practical tips here which you’re sure to find useful. 

He also talks with other explorers as they go on journeys of their own, allowing you to follow along. These journeys include biking across Argentina to walking across America, so there’s lots to enjoy here. 

You Should Have Been There

This podcast features interviews with seasoned travelers, along with host Simon Calder. He’s an experienced traveler himself, having worked with the BBC and an author, so he has lots of experiences to share. It very much is a relaxed take on a travel podcast, with most interviews coming across as friendly chats. As such, it’s very easy to listen to. 

Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet

Want something a bit more comedic? Then you’ll love this podcast. Hosts Alex and Christine Schiefer dig their way through one-star travel reviews, looking for the weirdest and most bizarre write-ups they can find. We’ve all heard those reviews where travelers complain about the most mundane and bizarre things, and so you can get a real laugh out of them here. If you want a podcast to make you giggle on the plane, this one’s for you. 

A Girl’s Guide To Travelling Alone

If you’re a woman looking to set off on her own adventures, this podcast is one you must listen to. Host Gemma Thompson brings her experiences to the podcast, giving you a different insight into travel each week. For example, past episodes have covered the mental health benefits of travel, or how to travel with kids. 

The podcast is an enjoyable listen, so no matter who you are you’ll get a lot of inspiration for your travels here. 

Travel Goals

Are you hoping to achieve specific travel goals? You’ll want to give this podcast a listen. Hosted by Pip Jones, she’s gives you tips on how to get what you want from your adventures. As an experienced travel writer herself, she has lots of experiences to draw on. 

You can find out how to get into travel writing, whether you should quit your job to travel, and how to enjoy nature when out on the road. There’s lots to learn, so you’ll get a lot out of this. 

These are just a handful of the best travel podcasts out there right now. Load up your phone now with episodes, and listen to them as you head out on your next journey. You can plan your next trip with their tips, or just listen to others tell their own stories. 

7 Travel Podcasts To Get The Best Travel Tips

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