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Yachting In The French Riviera: A Gorgeous Getaway

Yachting is one of the most dynamic ways to spend a holiday. With the flexibility of enjoying yourself both on the water and docking at new destinations every day, it is a great way to explore new territory. There is a good reason why many of the world’s celebrities and business elite spend their vacations yachting, especially in the French Riviera. The French Riviera is one of the best places for international yachting enthusiasts. With catamarans for sale and yachts for rent, there are many opportunities to find the right yacht for you while exploring everything the area has to offer. If you are planning a yachting adventure in the near future, then you need to seriously consider the French Riviera as your destination of choice. Let’s look at some of the reasons why the French Riviera is such a great place to get out on the water in a yacht. Mediterranean Waters The scenery of the French Riviera makes it one of the most unique and diverse places to explore. Filled with beautiful oceanside resorts and hotels, you are sure to find solace along the coast in any number of stops from Cannes to St. Tropez. The favourable Mediterranean climate makes it one of the best places to enjoy time outdoors and in the sunshine especially in the summer. In fact, there are over three hundred days of...

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The 5 Most Forgotten Items for a Motorhome Trip

We’ve all been there. We’re on the road, cruising towards our destination when that familiar sense of dread looms over us… what did we forget this time? Perhaps a toothbrush, or toothpaste. Perhaps something more serious, our passport or keys! Whatever the item is, it becomes a hassle. And so, to help you achieve a hassle-free holiday on your first motorhome trip, check out these 5 most forgotten items. 5 Most Forgotten Items for a Motorhome Trip Warm Clothing This one usually occurs in summer, but even in fall or winter, we never seem to bring quite enough warm clothing. If you’re camping, it is highly likely you’re looking at some chillier evenings. A campfire or electric heater can help, but don’t risk feeling cold and miserable. No one is a happy camper when they’re shivering! However many sweaters you plan to pack, pack an extra. Honestly, just do it. Bring some fluffy socks or bedroom slippers, and an extra scarf. One of the best features of a motorhome is the space for packing, so utilize this! Power  You’ve managed to remember your various chargers – awesome! But don’t forget everything that comes with that. Will you be traveling to a country with different sockets? Bring a universal adapter, you will not regret it. I always pack an extension cord as well, and you’d be surprised at how often...

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Seeing the World in Retirement: A Practical Guide

Ask any soon-to-be retiree of their plans, and we bet traveling the world will be on their list. It’s a daydream that crossed everyone’s mind at a certain point. However, once you retire, it could become your reality. Today, we will take a look at what it takes to spend your retirement discovering a whole new world. Consider these three areas to decide whether traveling is right for you and let our tips help you get it right. Before the Big Decision If you determine that you’re ready for a life of travel, there will be a lot of planning involved. This process makes or breaks retired nomads, and it begins with a frank assessment of your readiness. Ask yourself the following: Do you enjoy traveling or vacations? The former comes with many inconveniences, and you need to be sure you can enjoy them. Otherwise, stick to holidays. Do you need to be at home? If you’re about to have grandkids, you may want to go back home quite often. Other obligations may also be calling your name. In this case, you may determine months on and off the road. Are you healthy? Seeing the world doesn’t require peak physical performance, but traveling is stressful. If you suffer from chronic health issues, talk to your doctor beforehand. Also, make sure you can afford medical care abroad. Finances Once you’ve...

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5 Places You Must Visit If You Ever Go To United Kingdom

5 Places You Must Visit in the United Kingdom If you are visiting the United Kingdom for the first time in your life and you don’t know what to do, don’t worry; you have come to the right place. We are going to mention a few awe-inspiring places you better visit if you ever set foot on English soil. These are the best tourist attractions in the UK. 1) Stonehenge Located 10 miles north of Salisbury on the Salisbury Plan, this is perhaps Europe’s most treasured prehistoric monument. There are around 250 objects that show how megaliths carried out their daily appears. Once you have walked the stones, you better see the replicas of Neolithic Houses with their daily use tools. You can go inside the circle during normal visits, but will need a special book to get to the site. If you are really interested, you can find a deal here. 2) The Tower of London A Prison, Palace, and Treasure vault, you name it. This menagerie and Observatory has everything. This is the primary reason why The Tower of London is perhaps considered the most important building in all of England. There is enough history to keep you busy for hours. White Tower is the centerpiece and was built around in 1078 by William the Conqueror. It houses exceptional exhibits like Line of Kings and a stunning...

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Hidden Travel Surprises in Rizal, Philippines

Hidden Travel Surprises in Rizal, Philippines It’s no surprise that the Philippines is full of hidden wonders. With a variety of the country’s tourist destinations garnering international attention, more and more people are starting to become curious about the archipelago. In fact, back in 2016, the “Visit The Philippines Again 2016” campaign of the Philippines’ Department of Tourism dominated the concourses of London’s Waterloo train station and made Londoners want to pack their bags and book a flight to the country right then and there. People passing through the station responded positively to the campaign as they were given a glimpse of the Philippines through a variety of activities, contests, virtual reality experiences, and videos projected on huge LED screens. If you’ve also been curious about the Philippines, perhaps you want to know a little bit more beyond the beaches, lagoons, and islands. One of the provinces that don’t share Boracay and Palawan’s limelight is the province of Rizal located just a few hours away from Metro Manila, the country’s capital city. If you’re in the National Capital Region, you can simply pack up a sturdy daypack (check out Luggage Direct for some great options if you don’t have one to suit day trips) and embark on a short road trip to find these four unique experiences that await you: Contemporary art at Pinto Art Museum Pinto Art Museum...

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