Why is it so Difficult to Find a Job in Dubai Nowadays?

On this page, you will learn why it is so difficult to find a job in Dubai nowadays and what you are supposed to do. 

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Why is it so Difficult to Find a Job in Dubai Nowadays?

It is many people dream of finding a job in Dubai. That way, you will be living in one of the most recognized cities in the world. 

Many people try their luck but find it difficult to find a job in Dubai. Some call it bad luck, but for me, after doing research, it’s a failure to prepare enough to find a job in Dubai. 

Dubai is a huge city with many opportunities. Most people working in Dubai are not Emirates. They are people from all over the world. 

After deep and extensive research on why people find it difficult to find a job in Dubai, I’ll share the top reasons Why People Fail to Find Jobs in Dubai.

Top 5 Reasons Why is it So Difficult to Find a Job in Dubai Nowadays

Some reasons are simple mistakes many people trying to find a job in Dubai make, thus not getting the job they have applied for and even qualified for. 

Not Prepared for an Interview

Many people apply for jobs outside UAE, which is understandable. Imagine you are called for an interview, and you are not available when required. Do you have a plan for how you can get to the interview on time? 

If you can’t make it to stay in Dubai while looking for a job, then try to have the means to get Dubai Express Visa which will enable you to get to the interview on time. The express visa will assist you to be in Dubai within 24 hours. 

You have to understand many people are looking for a job in Dubai. The competition is high, and thus if you are not available when required for the interview, the chance will be given to someone else. 

Not Applying for a Job at the Right Time

You need to time the right time to apply for a job in Dubai. If you apply for a job during the holy month of Ramadan, many businesses are not employed at that time. 

They may have advertised for the job, but they will not be keen to check who applied. Also, you should not apply for a job in Dubai when there is an event as a business are business. 

The best time to apply for a job in Dubai in February, March, April, September, October, and November. 

Presenting Unfocused Boring Resume/CV

When applying for a job, your resume or CV is important. It’s the first impression you should make you are serious in need of that job you are applying for. 

However, if you present an unprepared and boring CV format, you will likely not be hired for your dream job. Unfortunately, the so-called unfocused, weak format may cause your CV to be overlooked for the employer’s attention.

These uninteresting CVs eventually prompted the company to reject him and send him on to the next deserving candidate.

A proper resume and cover letter are essential if you are looking for work in Dubai, whether full-time or part-time. This will enable you to stand out from the crowd while applying for jobs. As a result, this may be yet another reason for your inability to find work in Dubai.

Not Prepared for Job Interview

If you have never attended a Job interview, you may find your first one quite intimidating. But, you can find it easy if you prepare for it. 

Imagine you have been applying for a Job in Dubai, and when you are called for an interview, you are not prepared. 

If you don’t have good interview skills, you may get less than you deserve. Various factors can cause employers to be disappointed, including a lack of knowledge of the sector you are interviewing, a lack of awareness about their business, a lack of eye contact, a lack of confidence, etc.

You can refine your abilities and convince an employer that you are the best-qualified candidate for the position based on study and learning. To be prepared for an interview, you should do the following:

Get Tricked by Recruitment Agencies

You may have been trying to find a job in Dubai for some time and feels like hope is lost. Many people at that time they started contacting agencies that claimed could help them get a job in Dubai. 

It is important to note that not all agencies claiming to help you get a job in Dubai are legit. You can contact scammers who will start giving you hope and promises. They will even ask you to pay a fee to get the job which is the first red light. 

There are legit job recruitment agencies in Dubai, and they are licensed. Those agencies will not ask for money to help you get the job. Therefore if you try an agency to get a job in Dubai, you should check if they are licensed or not. 


Getting a job in Dubai is not easy, but it can be easy if you rectify some mistakes many job seekers in Dubai make. 

Besides the reasons, I’ve highlighted there are other minor reasons. But if you rectify these major reasons why it is difficult to find a job in Dubai will also rectify those minors ones. 

 In summary, get yourself ready for an interview, work on your CV or resume, know when to apply for a job, prepare for an interview, and don’t get trickled by scam agencies. 

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