The Benefits of Offsite Airport Parking

Whether you’re planning a short city trip or a long overseas journey, chances are you’re taking a plane to your destination. Many people think that the trip starts at the airport with checking in your suitcases, going through security, and having your passport checked, but this is not quite true: the trip actually starts with your journey to the airport. 

Planning your journey to the airport is essential for a smooth trip. Keep reading to find out how you can get to the airport and what the different parking options are. 

How to get to the airport

Depending on where in the world you live, there are many options for getting to the airport. You can choose private transportation and pay a tax. However, most big cities in the world offer public transportation, which can get you to the airport for a fraction of the price but are less comfortable. Driving yourself and parking at or near the airport is a great option for going to the airport as well. 


Getting to the airport by taxi is probably one of the fastest and most convenient ways. The taxi will take you right to the entrance. However, there are several downsides to taking a taxi as well. For example, the price. Taxis aren’t cheap and expect to pay a high price if you’re living far away from the airport. Besides, if you’re traveling with a big group, you and your suitcases might not fit in one taxi and you would need to split up and take a second taxi.

Public transportation

Big cities usually have plenty of options for reaching the airport. There are metros, airport buses, and trains available for cheap trips to the airport. The downside of this kind of transportation is that it can be quite a burden to take public transportation while taking big suitcases. You might have to go down or climb upstairs with your heavy luggage and hope that there’s space available for you and your suitcase. Public transportation is a cheap option, but not the most comfortable one. 

Going by car

Taking your own car is becoming a more and more popular option for going to the airport. Packing for a trip is easy if you know how much space you have in the car. The best thing is that when you return from your trip, your car is already there. Driving your car to the airport is also becoming increasingly popular, because, taking airport parking LAX as an example, more and more parking options are available nearby the airport. 

Airport parking options

If you’ve decided to go for the most comfortable and convenient way to travel to the airport and take your own car, you should consider the different parking options. Most international airports offer onsite parking in parking garages or parking places. These are often divided by long-term and short-term parking stays. Another option is off-site airport parking, which comes with many benefits. 

  • Free shuttle to the airport
  • Drop off directly at the entrance
  • Car wash and services available
  • Cheaper than airport parking
  • No driving in hectic airport traffic
  • EV charging available 

Some parking places are very near the airport and offer park and walk. It is also possible to drive yourself to the entrance of the airport and have a valet pick up your car and drive it back. Another option is “park, sleep and fly”. This is a package deal including a hotel stay. You can drive to the hotel the night before, sleep and fly, while your car stays at the hotel parking lot.

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