Visiting Washington DC On A Solo Vacation: 8 Tips For An Incredible Trip

Visiting Washington DC On A Solo Vacation

Visiting Washington DC is on many people’s bucket lists, and with good reason. It is the seat of American politics, home to some of the most incredible attractions and with a culture like no other. With any solo vacation, it is crucial to prepare properly and make a plan for your time in Washington. Of course, you should also have some time for spontaneity on your vacation but ensure that things like transport and accommodation are sorted out early.  

There is so much to do in Washington, so it is a good idea to make a list of all the things that you’re most keen to experience. You should also keep a tight handle on your budget, as Washington is one of the more expensive cities to visit in the US, and many tourists have found that the experience can get pricy fast.  

Choose The Right Time To Visit 

The time of year you visit Washington will make a big difference to your experience. During the summer, it can get pretty hot and muggy, while winters are cold and often snowy. You could consider spring when the weather is warm, and the cherry blossoms are blooming. Fall is another great option, as you can enjoy the gorgeous colors of the leaves as the temperature dips. Fall and spring are peak traveling seasons for Washington, so you should factor in how this could impact your budget.  

Get Travel Insurance 

Travel insurance is crucial for travelers, helping protect them financially in the event of something going wrong on the trip. Look for insurance options that include medical care, lost baggage claims and help with finding alternative accommodation if it becomes necessary. There are many insurance providers out there, so take the time to research your options and choose the right combination of value for money and extensive cover.  

Explore On Foot 

While Washington, DC, has many transport options to help tourists get around, it is often better to explore any new city on foot. This gives you the chance to see new places and discover hidden gems you might have missed riding on the subway or hailing an Uber. Start with a rough plan of where you want to go and give yourself plenty of time to walk and explore the historic streets of Washington. 

Catch A Train 

Transport is a key consideration for any vacation, and the earlier you book your travel, the better deal you’re likely to get. Trains are one of the most cost-effective ways to travel in the US and can connect you to other major cities if you want to explore more of the US. Choose a reputable train comparison site to help you find the most suitable trains and the most cost-effective fares. Wanderu has some great options for trains from places like NYC to Washington, DC

Go To The National Zoo 

Washington is home to one of the oldest zoos in the US, and entry is completely free. This makes it an excellent option for anyone wanting something budget friendly to do. The Zoo is home to giant pandas, largely responsible for its enduring and increasing popularity.  

Have A Tour Of The White House 

The White House is probably the most recognizable of all of the attractions in the US. Home to the sitting American President, its white walls are famous across the globe. You will need to book well in advance for the White House, with waiting lists sometimes going months long. In fact, many tourists base their entire travel schedule around when they can get to visit the hallowed halls of the White House.  

Try Out Plenty Of Local Food 

Washington, DC, is home to many different cultures, and the foot options available are truly out of this world. You’ll find foods from across the world in Washington, making it a foodie’s dream destination. Make sure to look up a few different options and check reviews before you visit.  

Take In The Monuments 

The Monuments are some of the most iconic elements of Washington, DC. The Washington Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial are two of the most impressive, but there are countless monuments to enjoy throughout the city. You could consider downloading one of the many free maps to guide you through the incredible sights or go on a walking tour to learn about the history from a local expert.

Final Thoughts

Visiting Washington, DC, can be an incredible experience. It is steeped in history and has attractions and activities to suit any traveler’s tastes. You should ensure that you do your homework and make a plan for what you will be doing in Washington. Bear in mind that many of the most popular attractions will need to be booked well in advance. What is most important is that you do the things that you enjoy most and take the time to truly appreciate everything Washington has to offer.

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