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Gonzo tourism in Andorra

Gonzo tourism in Andorra

By Beau Miller “It’s governed by a council/ All good souls and wise./ They’ve only $5 for armaments/ And the rest for cakes and pies.” -Pete Seeger, “Andorra” As your attorney, I advise you to rent a fuel-efficient automobile and drive at top speed to Andorra, but before you start packing the trunk with ether, Wild Turkey, and limes—stop. And think. Absinthe in Andorra is as abundant as the mountains, and at 3 Euro a liter for a bottle of the Green Fairy, you have more room for the Acapulco shirts and handguns. Now for the gory details. You...

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Oman: Open roads, open arms, and open wallets

By Beau Miller To tell somebody you are traveling to Oman is often met with confusion. “What are you doing in Amman?” is a typical response. “Where is that, exactly?” might be another. For those who hear correctly and know where Oman is, a feeling of befuddlement may give rise to such self-reflecting as to consider what there is to do in Oman or why they have not thought of visiting it before. During the descent into Muscat, Oman’s landscape looks other-worldly, moonlike and jagged. For those with prior experience traveling in the Middle East, prepare for the comparatively...

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Volunteer in a Himalayan Village in Nepal

In this world there are mountain people and there are beach people. This one is for the mountain people and for the mountain people who don’t know they’re mountain people. There aren’t a lot of chances to live in an honest-to-God Himalayan village these days. Here’s one: Village Environment Community Gangkharka (VEC), a small NGO with a long name.

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