Author: Danielle Krautmann

Goodbye Peru: After Four Years Living in Peru

  In January, 2010, Charlie and I moved to Lima, Peru with two suitcases and our dog, Brandy. I left my family, friends and career for an undetermined amount of time having no idea what it would be like to live abroad. My goal was to quickly learn Spanish and take advantage of every opportunity that came my way.   I have spent more than four years living as an American in Peru. I have learned Spanish, worked in the Amazon rainforest, started an English school, run a couple of marathons, made dear friends and became a mother.  ...

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Parenting in Peru

Peruvians know babies.  Peruvians LOVE babies.  Peruvians make it known that they love babies and know babies.  When Peruvians see Amelia, their faces light up.  When they find out she was born in Peru, they are thrilled, often thanking me for having her here.  Amelia is a lucky baby to be born and raised in a country that is so embracing of babies and children.  However, the cultural differences in child rearing have taken some time for Amelia’s mother to get used to.     Last week, I was in the supermarket with Amelia.  She was sitting in the...

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Pregnant in Peru

The majority of ex-patriots I know travel to their respective first-world countries 6-8 weeks before their due dates to give birth surrounded by family and friends.  This wasn’t an option for us.  We only have Peruvian health insurance and the cost of giving birth in a hospital in the U.S. without coverage is probably higher than Amelia’s first year of college.   When I found out I was pregnant, I met with a female OBGYN in Cajamarca where I received my pregnancy instructions:   “Do you exercise?” she asked.   “Yes.”  I replied proudly.  I had been training for...

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Top 10: Most Annoying things about living in Peru

Disclaimer:  As I believe my previous blogs reflect, I love living in Cajamarca, Peru. I love the people, culture, climate and lifestyle.  But after two years, there are just a few things I’m afraid I’ll never be able to accept.  Keep in mind if I made a list of the bones I have to pick with the United States, it would be MUCH longer.  Also, remember that these annoyances do not refer to ALL Peruvians or all places in Peru…only my experiences.  So, sorry Peru, but I’ve got to vent and here I go: The most annoying things about...

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Teaching English in Baños Del Inca, Peru at Mundo Maravilloso

  One day last June, I went for a jog with my new friend Shannon.  She had moved to Cajamarca as part of a Fulbright grant to teach English at the university.  While she loved her life in Peru, she missed working with school-aged children and was looking for opportunities to volunteer with an under-served community.  I had been informally teaching English to several children on my street for months.  I wanted to formalize my efforts into classes, but didn’t know how to go about it.  By the end of our three-mile jog, we had decided to start a...

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