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10 Places to Visit on South Africa’s Cape Peninsula

Discover South Africa’s Cape Peninsula Cape Town is surrounded by spectacular landscapes. A drive down South Africa’s Cape Peninsula leads to craggy mountains, turquoise bays, and beaches populated by waddling penguins. Stop for a glass of Cabernet at South Africa’s oldest winery, or do some surfing in Muizenberg. At the end of the road, you’ll find the Cape of Good Hope, the southwestern tip of the continent. Stare out over the churning Atlantic and imagine a Dutch galleon turning the corner, heading for India. Discover South Africa’s Cape Peninsula in these 10 easy daytrips from Cape Town. Camp’s Bay...

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10 Incredible Things to do in Cape Town

Best things to do in Cape Town, South Africa Cape Town is a visually stunning city. Hugged by the blue Atlantic, with Table Mountain for a backdrop, there are beautiful views wherever you go. But don’t spend too much time gazing at the scenery—Cape Town is a cultural hotspot, too, with world-class museums and historical sights. Shopping opportunities (from African handicrafts to the latest Gucci gear) abound, and the thriving food scene is wonderfully diverse. Check out these 10 incredible things to do in Cape Town. Table Mountain Cape Town’s most famous icon, and one of the new 7...

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Top 14 Things to do in Hobart, Tasmania

Top Things to do in Hobart, Tasmania (Australia) Nearly half of all Tasmanians live in Hobart, Australia’s southernmost state capital. The city began as a penal colony for British convicts (stealing a watch in London could get you transported to the end of the earth in 1804) and has evolved into a major port town with fine museums, easy access to nature, and some of the best seafood on the planet. Here are the top 14 things to do in Hobart, Tasmania. Constitution Dock This is where you go for that incredible seafood. Fishing boats unload heaps of lobster...

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Explore Devonport: Gateway to Tasmania

Explore Devonport Tasmania (Australia) Devonport, on Tasmania’s north coast, is a popular arrival point for trekkers heading into the mountains and wild rivers of the island’s interior. Don’t be in a hurry to hit the road, though. There’s plenty to see around Devonport, and most of the area’s attractions can be easily explored on foot. Spirit of Tasmania Devonport has a small airport, but most visitors arrive by the Spirit of Tasmania ferry from Melbourne, which takes about 10 hours. Various accommodations are available, from a simple recliner on a public deck to a deluxe cabin with windows and...

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6 Historic Buenos Aires Cafés

Historic Buenos Aires Cafés Buenos Aires is known for its historic cafés and bars. These are the places where Jorge Luis Borges charted the course of Argentine literature over coffee; where Carlos Gardel crooned tango tunes; where Ernesto Sábato scribbled novel chapters in notebooks. They’re also the social centers of neighborhoods, the equivalent of a corner bar in the U.S. or local pub in Britain. Establishments of particular cultural significance are listed as bares notables, a designation that protects them from gentrifying developers. At least that’s what I thought. It turns out, however, that bares notables don’t last forever....

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