Author: Dan Morey

Craft Beer in Pennsylvania: East vs. West

Exploring Craft Beer in Pennsylvania: an East vs. West Challenge Pennsylvania has always had a strong east/west rivalry. If you’ve ever seen the Pittsburgh Penguins face off against the Philadelphia Flyers, you know what I mean. But a little bitterness isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially when it comes to craft beer. Here are six great beers (three from the east, and three from the west) you’ll want to check out while traveling in the Keystone State. EAST   Solid Sender Ale, Troegs Independent Brewing, 5.2% “Oh, Melinda, she’s a solid sender, you know you better surrender,” sings Little...

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Where to Get your Tiki on in Hawaii

Tiki in Hawaii — Tiki Mania Thanks to Don the Beachcomber, Trader Vic, and other purveyors of faux-Polynesian pop culture, tiki bars and restaurants were hugely popular in midcentury America. The fad was inspired by the Pacific islanders that U.S. G.I.s encountered during World War II and later read about in James Michener books like Tales of the South Pacific and Hawaii. Tiki on Oahu Though the tiki craze began in California, Hawaii was soon swept up in the frenzy. Ernest Gantt, aka “Don the Beachcomber,” opened his first Honolulu restaurant in 1946. A decade later, he founded the...

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Deco Delights in Miami’s South Beach

Architectural Wonderland: Art Deco in South Beach Miami South Beach, despite its reputation as a party zone, is a premier destination for architecture buffs. The neighborhood’s architectural evolution began in 1926, after a hurricane decimated most of its existing Mediterranean-style hotels. Over the next decade, it was rebuilt in the popular Art Deco mode, resulting in an unrivaled concentration of aesthetically consistent modern buildings. By the 1970s, these hotels and apartment houses were beginning to deteriorate. A handful had already been torn down, and more were slated for destruction, when the Miami Design Preservation League intervened, saving over 800...

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