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Getting Off the Beaten Path in Northern Ireland

A Guide to Getting off the Beaten Path in Northern Ireland Northern Ireland is massively popular with Game of Thrones fans, as well as being home to the Giant’s Causeway, one of the world’s best-known natural wonders. Yet outside of these two huge tourist draws, Northern Ireland offers rich pickings for the adventurous traveler. This small corner of Ireland is packed with natural beauty, and its best sights remain undiscovered. The coach tours and selfie-snappers head straight for the Dark Hedges and the Giant’s Causeway, leaving great opportunity for those who prefer to travel off the beaten path. The...

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Exploring Palawan in the Philippines

Highlights of Palawan The Philippines is an affordable destination for budget travelers. Some of the best places to get off the beaten track include Rizal and Palawan. Palawan is a long, sword-shaped island in the southwest of the Philippines. Unlike other islands, Palawan has no package tourists and is an independent traveler’s dream. The island offers amazing opportunities for exploration. Here are some of the highlights of Palawan. Coron Island Coron Island is the jewel of the Calamianes group of islands, just to the north of Palawan. Kayangan Lake and the adjoining sea lagoon are spectacular – truly unforgettable...

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Why Lisbon in winter is a perfect destination

Why Lisbon in winter is a perfect destination If you’re looking for the perfect destination to break up the monotony of winter, Lisbon in Portugal hits the mark. Lisbon lies in the extreme southwest of mainland Europe, in hills that face south. Winters here are mild, and the light is worth writing home about. The sunlight in Lisbon is full-bodied and blazing, even in the middle of winter. By visiting Lisbon in winter you’ll also avoid the crowds that throng to southern Portugal in the summer. You can explore the sights of this beautiful and historic city in peace...

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The Albanian Riviera: a Mediterranean paradise for budget travelers

The Albanian Riviera: a Mediterranean Paradise for Budget Travelers Albania shares the same coastline as southern Italy, Croatia, and Greece, but it has fewer tourists and resorts than any of them. In Albania, it’s still possible to find affordable apartments a stone’s throw from a clear tropical-looking sea, and relax on tranquil beaches. The Albanian Riviera lies in the southwest of the country. The Riviera has miles of white sand beaches, with a backdrop of mountains. A road runs alongside the coastline here, with beautiful views out over the Ionian Sea. Albania is relatively unknown to western travelers, and there’s...

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How to save money traveling in the UK

How to save money traveling in the UK The UK can be an expensive place to travel, but there are many ways to reduce costs and save money. Countries with large populations like Britain (65 million) and Germany (81 million) have many more opportunities for budgeting than other smaller wealthy nations such as Switzerland (8 million) and Norway (5 million). In countries like the UK and Germany, there are high numbers of local residents (literally millions) who need to get by without much money on a day to day basis, so there are facilities in place, like cheaper stores...

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