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How to save money traveling in the UK

How to save money traveling in the UK The UK can be an expensive place to travel, but there are many ways to reduce costs and save money. Countries with large populations like Britain (65 million) and Germany (81 million) have many more opportunities for budgeting than other smaller wealthy nations such as Switzerland (8 million) and Norway (5 million). In countries like the UK and Germany, there are high numbers of local residents (literally millions) who need to get by without much money on a day to day basis, so there are facilities in place, like cheaper stores...

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How to visit Mumbai on a Budget

Travel Guide to visit Mumbai on a Budget With a population of over 18 million, Mumbai is one of Earth’s megacities. It’s always been a gateway city, through which many enter and leave India. It’s a city of contrasts, with a multicultural, multilingual population, and the very poor living side by side with the extremely wealthy. Mumbai is an economic powerhouse, driving the development of modern India. Yet while its skyline of contemporary skyscrapers embodies a powerful entrepreneurial drive, the timelessness of ancient India can be found in temples across the city and at the Elephanta caves. Perhaps most...

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What it Costs: A day of travel in Kuala Lumpur

A day of travel costs in Kuala Lumpur Thanks to the status of KL’s airport as a major regional hub, Malaysia’s capital city is likely to feature on many itineraries for Southeast Asia. Many travelers will stop at least in Kuala Lumpur before moving on to their next destination, while for others a short sojourn in KL could be the stepping stone to further exploration of this wonderful country. On my backpacking trip ’round Southeast Asia earlier this year, I stayed in KL four times. My love for the city increased with each visit, and I could happily live...

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Exploring Rottnest Island

Exploring Rottnest Island Rottnest Island lies 11 miles west off the coast of Fremantle, in Western Australia. The island is home to the quokka, a unique marsupial that lives only on Rottnest Island, and is found nowhere else on earth. The island is mostly pedestrianized and without motorized vehicles, making for very laid-back cycling and walking tours. One exception is the island bus that takes passengers on a one-way coastal circuit around “Rotto”. Rottnest Island has an incredible number of beautiful beaches. The indented coastline of the island features numerous secluded coves as well as long, wide beaches with...

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Northern Vietnam: Alternatives to Halong Bay

Northern Vietnam: Alternatives to Halong Bay The spectacular scenery of northern Vietnam is dominated by karst mountains and islands. The natural landscape here has been shaped over thousands of years by rice farming, either in vast, flooded plains that fill the horizon, or steep terraces in the mountains near China. Many itineraries for Vietnam feature Halong Bay as the premier site in the north. Halong Bay is beautiful, with its karst islands rising out of a misted sea, but it’s not the only place where you can sample the amazing uniqueness of this corner of the world. Alternative locations...

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