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A Hitchhiker’s Guide to South America

By Sally Kay South America is a huge continent, and a lot of backpackers want to hitchhike through it.  But in this vast continent every country is different, so hitchhiking can vary quite a lot.  Here is a rough guide to hitchhiking in the different countries of South America. Argentina Argentina is a wonderful country …

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Keep Portland Weird: Five Crazy Things to Do in Portland, Oregon

By Hope Nardini Portland is plastered with “Keep Portland Weird” bumper stickers, t-shirts, and even billboards. It’s one of my favorite cities to visit, because there is always something strange and crazy right around the corner. From “zoo bombing” on kiddie bikes to setting your taste buds on fire with habanero cheese fritters, Portland will …

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colorado beer

Colorado: In a State of Beer

I had initially set off to Colorado for my brother’s downtown Denver wedding and thought I’d extend the trip to include summiting a few ‘fourteeners’ and visit Mesa Verde and Great Sand Dunes National Parks, but the week following the reception quickly turned into how many outstanding Colorado Breweries I could visit. For anyone who …

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Volunteering in Spain with Vaughan Town and Pueblo Ingles

Volunteering in Spain: Two Programs that Offer English-Speaking Volunteers Full Room and Board By Stephen Bugno     I’m almost as exhausted as they are, but somehow they keep going. This is supposed to be easy for me, right? English is my native language.   They sun is about to set in our small “English …

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Hometown Traveler: Your Indie Guide to San Francisco

San Francisco is a city where residents have historically lived by their own set of rules and is brimming with an unflinching independent spirit. Where else can you find zombie flash mobs, public pillow fights, an enthusiastic bike and skate culture, a great music and arts scene, more hipsters and gays than you can shake a stick at, and limitless options for amazing food on any budget.

Couch Surfing Over 50

I want to address the fact that, although GoMad Nomad readership is primarily budget, independent travelers, they are NOT all broke twenty-somethings. So I want to talk about the Couch Surfing Project, and how it’s for all ages. It is, however, only applicable for people who are interested in meeting other people.

Aren’t I too old for this?

No, you aren’t too old. Although only 3% of couch surfers worldwide are between the ages of 50 and 69 (72% are between the ages of 18 and 29) it still adds up to 48,000 participants over 50, as the total number of worldwide couch surfers is almost 1.7 million. And with 75% knowing English, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a host whom you can

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