Photo of the Week: Punta Union Pass, Peru

There’s a time and place for most everything.  A time for walking amongst midgets and a time for walking in the shadows of giants.  The Cordillera Blanca falls into this latter category.  Surrounded by 6000 meter peaks, the Santa Cruz trek (a few hours, via public transportation, outside of Huaraz, Peru) is one of those experiences that puts the word beauty into its overused place.  A striking, and humbling, landscape that apexes with the crossing of the 4,750 meter high Punta Union Pass.  This four-day trek is a must-do in Peru.  And best of all, you can do it yourself.  No guides, no map, no donkeys.   Just some food, a few water purification tablets, a tent and a set of high altitude lungs.

Photo and text by Jason Vickers.

Jason blogs at Manifest Destino. To read more about his trek in Peru, go to


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