lake tekapo new zealand

Photo of the Week: Lake Tekapo New Zealand

Lake Tekapo New Zealand

This week’s Photo of the Week comes from Juno Kim of

Lake Tekapo is a small town in the middle of the South Island of New Zealand. It is usually a transit place to or from Dunedin because there is nothing exciting to see or do there. However Lake Tekapo became my favorite place in New Zealand. It is not fun like Queenstown and it is not fancy like Wellington. Just like the name says, it is a little town with a lake.

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What I fell in love with is its calmness. I was there in the middle of the winter and Lake Tekapo was glowing with snow. Most of the water on the South island of New Zealand is bright blue and green because of the Southern Alps, and same goes for Lake Tekapo. While sitting in front of the lake, I could hear nothing but nature. Light waves from the lake, the occasional bird singing and the sound of the wind. Calm—that is the word I would describe this town.

Another reason this place got my love is because of their night sky. Lake Tekapo is quite famous to astronomy buffs due to its low light pollution and clear sky. The Milky Way was the most memorable thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve done a lot of stargazing but this was it for me. When you visit Lake Tekapo, don’t forget to check out Mt. John University Observatory and their astronomy tour along with the beautiful lake.

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Text and photos by Juno Kim.

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lake tekapo new zealand
Lake Tekapo, New Zealand
lake tekapo new zealand
Mt. John University Observatory near Lake Tekapo, New Zealand
lake tekapo new zealand
Lake Tekapo, in the middle of the South Island of New Zealand

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