Photo of the Week: Little India Singapore

One of the most lively and interesting places in Singapore is Little India. Vastly different from the rest of the island, Little India is a neighborhood of shops spilling onto the sidewalks. Saris, flowers, CDs, trinkets, spices, vegetables are all being sold. Not only are the colors striking, but so are the sights and smells. A different incense is wafting out of each shop and from some, a Bollywood soundtrack is blasting.

In Little India there are a multitude of restaurants and cafes in between the shops. Men sit drinking Tiger beer in the evening, with their eyes glued to a film or football or cricket. There are plenty of construction jobs in Singapore that are filled with Indians, Sri Lankans, and Bangladeshis on two-year contracts. The permanent population of Indians makes about 9% of Singapore’s total 4.8 million.

Although still much cleaner and organized than the mother country, Singapore’s Little India is the closest you can come to chaos in this squeaky clean island country.

Check out my Flickr album for more photos of Singapore’s Little India.


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  1. If it was not mentioned Singapore’s little India is passable as India. It’s hard to notice unless otherwise told… 🙂

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